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16th February 2017
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Bloggers Just Don’t Count!

There I was, just sat there minding my own business and I thought “Hey, I’ll check on my blog as I haven’t for a little while (like half a day…. or maybe a quarter) and see what my views were like for that day and see if I had had any comments left either.” OH MY GOODNESS… how I wish I hadn’t. No no panic not, there were no horrible trollish comments left on my latest ranty post(which I am sure is now going to be usurped by this one) it was much worse than that. No it wasn’t another domestic with someone because they didn’t like what I had written, even worse and NO it wasn’t someone letting me know I had broken all the blogging rules ever in existence and my blog was going to have to shut down forever more…it was even worse than that. Some god damn blogger had left a comment on one of my posts. A blogger!! I mean can you bloody well believe it?! I mean, I don’t do linkys anymore apart from the one’s that I host (but it wasn’t one of my hosts posts) I am not in any Facebook or Twitter pods and I haven’t link dropped because I never sodding well remember, so what the hell was going on?! Then it hit me – the swines had come to my blog, off their own steam, to read something I had written that then stimulated them into leaving a comment on my blog. I mean, how bloody dare they?! Don’t they know that my writing isn’t written for them. It’s written for non-bloggers. You know, human beings. Bloggers simply just don’t count…. Bollocks!

woman sat at a computer writing with a cup of coffee

You’ll forgive the somewhat sarcastic nature of the opening paragraph but yes you’ve guessed it, I’m off on another rant again so brace yourself everyone, we’re going in. Now, I’m a blogger and in fact blogging is even my job so yayyyy I’m a blogger. However, correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure the last time I checked, I was also a woman. Moreover, I am pretty sure I am also a mother, a daughter, a sister, an ex employee, an ex employer, an ex-girlfriend and all sorts of other things that make me human. I am a human being and despite what my life is sometimes like, blogging isn’t everything that I am. First and foremost I am a mother, hence the reason I only work when Alyssa is sleeping or on a play date, so you’ll forgive me for asking but, what the hell is the problem with a blogger commenting on another blogger’s post?! woman sat typing on a laptp

You may be a little confused, allow me to explain. Now, lots of bloggers out there, myself included, do blog posts aimed at new bloggers giving them tips and tricks we have learnt or they do more in depth vlogs, posts, courses designed to teach bloggers how to “better” themselves in order “to go pro” in the blogging world. I think these posts are great and I cannot tell you how much they helped me when I first started blogging (you should check out my round-up of these “How to Blog Posts You Have to Read!”) but lately one comment has been cropping up on a few posts I’ve read and vlogs I have been watching and it has really got me annoyed. Apparently, we shouldn’t actively be seeking bloggers to like, follow and comment on our blogs because they don’t count – bloggers are not our target audience.

Okay, I can see both sides of this. Yes, of course unless you are specifically writing posts like my “How to Guide for Using Mail Chimp!” or “How to Get Noticed as a Blogger: Boobs and Arse!” then no bloggers are not your target audience. Depending on your niche it could be anyone from mothers to fathers to crafters to foodies… but isn’t it possible, that bloggers are these things to?! I completely understand, that having bloggers following you on social media can be damaging for your interaction; all these people follow you, no one interacts and then your reach drops, fair enough. However, what if a blogger follows you, not because they are a fellow blogger, but because they are a fellow mum, baker, crafter… human being?!woman looking out at the sea. facing away from the camera

Granted, I myself have joined in many follow for follow threads to boost my numbers because at the end of the day let’s face it – as bloggers we need social media numbers if we are to have any hope of getting a job. However, as I said at the beginning, apart from the two linkys I run myself, I don’t take part in any other linkys anymore because I simply do not have the time and as successful as the linkys are, I am not sure that they account for over 10,000 views a month! So could it be, dare I say that bloggers are choosing to come and visit my site, read my blogs, comment on my posts because in some way they can relate?! Is it really so hard to remember that bloggers are human beings too?!

You know, if someone follows me, I don’t automatically follow them back. If they don’t have a bio, I don’t follow. If they have the words “wrap” or “juice plus” in their bio, I don’t follow back. However, if they have the word blogger or I like their feed then I do – I remember 14 months ago clicking follow on so many bloggers who seemed a million miles above me and oh the joy I experienced when one followed me back. It was like I was being accepted and welcomed into the community and I imagine a lot of other bloggers are the same. One of the reasons I started blogging was because I was lonely… so what would have happened if all those people had ignored me too?! What would have happened in the months to come, if I as a blogger hadn’t read some beautifully written posts, that helped keep me human and helped me to know I was doing everything I should be doing as both a new and newly single mother?!

girl sat at table writing in a notebook with a coffee next to her

From a statistics point of view, unless you are writing a whole series on “How to Blog” then bloggers are not your target audience – but what about the people behind the blog? What about the foodie who can’t get the smell of garlic out of their hands and needs advice? What about the mother and father who have been up all night and are running out of ideas on how to get the baby to sleep? What about the crafter who wants some suggestions on what to do with 6 kids a glue gun and a bag of pompoms? Don’t discount bloggers as just being bloggers because each and every one of them is so much more than that – and hey! If you’re that worried about your social reach dropping because of those damned inactive bloggers following you, why not pop them a message, or tweet them or tag them?! You may find that a little interaction from your side may bring them out of their blogging hibernation and who knows what might happen… you may even make a friend. A BLOGGER friend.


  1. Daydreamer Mum says:

    Brilliant!!! I’m always hugely flattered if a fellow blogger comments on my stuff! Target audience or not!!

  2. I agree that the advice to ignore bloggers as potential followers is bollocks. I get plenty of interaction from fellow bloggers (as human beings, not just bloggers), and frankly my own blog wouldn’t have lasted 2 minutes if I hadn’t found an accepting blogger community to support me and to learn from.

  3. Bridie says:

    All the yes to this! I have had a few recently and am always so amazed that it didn’t come through a linky & they just related to the post. Very well said lovely xx

  4. Laura says:

    Well said! Labels and job titles are created are created so marketeers can put people in neat little boxes. In the real world most people are so much more and anyone who doesn’t realise that are purely ignorant of human nature.

  5. I read loads of blogs and I’m a blogger… but I read them and comment if they interest me as a person. So yeah. You’ve hit the nail on the head here.

  6. Well said! I’m pretty sure half my readers are bloggers but who cares, most of them are parent going through or having been through whatever on writing about. I love to comment on others without a linky involved as it shows the writer I value their blog. I’m hoping for the same one day haha! Xx

  7. Rebecca says:

    I love comments from all people. Bloggers and non bloggers alike! I’ve never understood why bloggers aren’t my target audience. They’re people too. And I enjoy reading stuff despite the fact I’m a blogger!

  8. Nicola says:

    I think bloggers are our target audience because they are generally people that are doing the same things as us. They mostly have children of a similar age and are looking to juggle work and motherhood at the same time!

  9. Great writing, in my 7+ years of blogging I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard of this argument or controversy. Sure, I can see there’s common sense in not writing and connecting only with bloggers, since for most of us our blog readership is much broader. But the idea that you should in someway ‘dodge bloggers’ is somewhat laughable to me. As you rightly state, how can you be part of the community if you don’t, well, commune with people? Bloggers need love too lol, love this post 🙂

  10. Anna says:

    Well said. The whole ‘bloggers don’t count’ thing is BS. I struggle to think of any other business where this would apply. I love reading blogs, not because I’m concerned about the blogs stats but because I’m interested in the content. Should an author never buy a book? A director never go and watch a film? I think anyone suggesting bloggers don’t count might be getting a bit too big for their britches.
    A fellow blogger ☺

  11. I only look at other blogs as me, a person, because they interest me and I naively thought everyone else did too! Also I’ve just started blogging, and it’s been a great boost when another blogger has commented and liked my post. We’re all just readers, surely…

  12. Rouge says:

    OMG first I’ll apologize as I’m a blogger. But can I quickly follow up to say that (a) I’m reading your blog just because I love the content and I’ll be a new mum myself in 3 mths and I need all the hints, tips and motivation I can possibly find and (b) you’ve already helped me so much as a newbie blogger that I want to support, read, retweet and help with interaction as much as possible. You’re a super star and thank you!

  13. Stephanie says:

    I’m getting tired of these blogger/social media rules in general. I think it misses the point of these platforms for generating organic social interaction and has made everything so commercial and all about money. A lot of these rules are born from the idea that you’re trying to make money off of these interactions, and if that’s your only point for doing this, then yes, you’re only going to want to interact with people who will buy stuff from you or your links, which is likely not going to be other bloggers. I think about this every time I read these posts about how to increase followers on different platforms and hope I never become so jaded not to follow or interact with someone because of a number count. Not that I’m making any money at this point anyway. 🙂 Glad I’m not the only one. #ablogginggoodtime

  14. Becky says:

    Really great post. Like you I started blogging because I was lonely. I found maternity leave hard and needed adult companionship. I still get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that my blogging idols follow me. It means just as much that they take the time to comment as I value their opinions #ablogginggoodtime

  15. Aleena says:

    This has been annoying me too! I feel like it’s another way of labelling people “just a…” No-one is “just a” anything, we are not “just a mum”, “just an employee”, or “just a blogger”… We are all so many things, and as you said; making friends (probably bloggers!) is just as much a part of blogging as anything else. #ablogginggoodtime

  16. Great post. Most bloggers blog about their interests. They all started writing about whatever their passion was, food, kids, parenting, travel, etc. We’re all still human, we all still throw ourselves into our work just as any artist does.

  17. Chloe says:

    Amen!! Great post hun #ablogginggoodtime

  18. How funny, because when I first started my fashion blog, I kinda felt the same way. I wanted the older “real” women out there to be inspired by my blog. But I have grown to love my blogger “friends” too! Because they are just as “real”!
    Great post!

  19. I love getting comments, whether that comes from a blogger or not. Bloggers want to engage, reading other blogs inspire me, it’s amazing what us Mummy’s can do. I will keep on commenting for sure. Xx #ablogginggoodtime

  20. Love this! a page view is a page view regardless of whether it’s a blogger! #ablogginggoodtime

  21. Goodness I’m not sure what to make of my blog then as most of my comments are bloggers – not really sure how to go about changing that. You’ve got me thinking and will pop it on my to do list of finding other readers too. I’m grateful to anyone who reads and comments so I’d be interested to learn more about this for sure! #ablogginggoodtime

  22. Interesting read- I look at the comments- but suck at replying to them. I do get fixated on page views- something I need to work on badly.


  23. I’m blogging for the pupose of raising awareness and understanding about autism and i’m very happy to have any comments from bloggers and non bloggers alike! Thanks for hosting #ablogginggoodtime

  24. I dont really get what the issue is if blogger read your post lol, we all need inspiration and have interests outside of our own blogging world! Doesn’t it say more if a blogger takes the time to read your post especially if not linked to a linky? Just my thoughts! #ablogginggoodtime x

  25. I’m a blogger and I read blogs! I love my “Blogger friends”. Great post!

  26. Blake says:

    Most of my comments are from other bloggers. I’d never thought about it till this, I was pleased anyone was reading anything of mine! Now I feel a bit crap, not because of you, just obviously I’m doing it wrong. Sigh. #ablogginggoodtime

  27. I think I have my head in the sand half the time, as I wasn’t aware of this ‘advice’. Bollocks to it, that’s what I say! I welcome anyone who enjoys what I write to comment and if they’re another blogger then I’ll ‘virtually’ high five them too! Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

  28. Jaki says:

    Most of the bloggers I connect with regularly started a blog because they ARE a Mum – Mum first, Blogger second! It doesn’t take a genius to work it out! Great post. #ablogginggoodtime

  29. Amy & Tots says:

    Fab post! I think most of my readers are bloggers. Doesn’t make me any less of a blogger though! #ablogginggoodtime

  30. Tubbs says:

    I welcome readers and commentators of all kinds. I really don’t care as long as they’re not trolls. This made me laugh so hard. #ablogginggoodtime

  31. As a lifestyle/family/parenting blogger I tend to follow other lifestyle/family/parenting blogs. I write about things that I find interesting. I write what I would want to read. Not very surprising then that I read things on the same topics. #ablogginggoodtime

  32. Lucy At Home says:

    I know I’m much newer at this than you are, but I love it when bloggers comment on my stuff – they’re the ones who know what they’re talking about. They know a good post when they see it, so if they like it, I’m happy 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

  33. I think all my readers are bloggers, but the blogger circles I move in are parenting bloggers, they take holidays in real life so bingo, they are my target readers, they happen to be bloggers too. This of course has a double benefit to me if they then visit Coombe Mill on holiday because invariably they write about their holiday. I ave made lots of real friends through blogging too. It felt a little strange at first when my virtual world and my real world began to merge, but I like it now. Embrace bloggers on your blog, as you say we are real people too.

  34. Claire says:

    I think the blogging community is great and I love interacting with other bloggers. I just appreciate when my blog is read, never mind by who! #ablogginggoodtime

  35. Jaclyn Bree says:

    I hope someday I get to the point you’re at now where linkys and Facebook blogger groups and such don’t make up your entire traffic flow … But presently, those are the things I do to try to get my name out there. Even so, I am more than a blogger! Sure, there are posts I’m required to comment on or share. But there are lots that I’m not yet I DO comment on and share. Why? Because I’m interested! Because I’m a human and that post was written to me! I am the target audience! In spite of also being a blogger.
    You are so right.

  36. Meg says:

    Totally agree. I always feel happy when a blogger I like follows me back on Instagram! It does feel like a lovely community – better to just enjoy it! #ablogginggoodtime

  37. I always feel ridiculously flattered when a blogger whom I admire bothers to follow me on social media, especially as I am still in the early stages and trying to figure it out. I am still new to this game but I love the support and help I get from the blogging community, whether they are my target audience or not!

  38. Rhian Harris says:

    Bloggers are totally target audience too. A lot of us started because we were Mums first, so there’s a lot of other things we are interested in other than just blogging! #ablogginggoodtime

  39. I used to read lot’s of blogs before I started blogging myself. 5.5 years later and it is now my full time job. I really love it, but it does take up a lot of my time and one of the things that has taken a backseat is reading other peoples blogs. I do still do it, when I link up to a link, or when I have a spare hour on a Saturday morning. #ablogginggoodtime

  40. Joana Mateus says:

    Fantastic read! Yes to taking off our blogging hats and thinking of each other as human beings and mothers first! And I actually love it when other bloggers, not just “civilians” comment or notice my presence, especially as a blogging newbie 🙂 It feels like a huge compliment to be welcomed into the community by the ones who are masters at it. #ablogginggoodtime

  41. Jo Sandelson says:

    Exactly .. human beings. For example who would say, don’t talk to parents at the school gate’ because they’re part of your community? I didn’t know there were other people out there apart from bloggers who read blogs so its good to know there’s life after posting. #blogginggoodtime

  42. I never read blogs until I jumped into the fray, but have found a bunch that I really enjoy and would continue following even if I dropped out of the game. I’d like to think that there are other bloggers out there who would say the same about me #bloggingoodtime

  43. I love this and can relate to it too. For me, other bloggers have become my friends and so as friends they comment on my blog. I also share things on social media where other bloggers follow me, and if my post relates to them, they comment on there too. I think it’s great when bloggers find new friends and support networks, its not just about commenting for the sake of a linky or a duty. #ablogginggoodtime

  44. Kat says:

    You know what? I presumed all my followers were bloggers – I’ve never thought about things like this before. At the end of the day we’re just humans writing about human stuff so who cares if they are a blogger (just no robots allowed!) Great post/rant #ablogginggoodtime

  45. Nicola says:

    If someone reads your content and is interested in what you have to say theno why does it matter whether they’re a blogger or not. By occupation bloggers will have an interest in what other bloggers have to say…we have similar interests! #ablogginggoodtime

  46. Helena says:

    Whether they are a blogger or not surely it does not matter. As for what to do with pom poms and a glue gun now how about an Easter Wreath or rabbit tales on an Easter card now you’ve got me thinking…#ablogginggoodtime

  47. Tammymum says:

    Argh the whole follow for follow things erupted at the moment has really irritated me. Especially when some have seemingly abandoned it because it’s ‘not genuine’ hmm or more like my because they don’t need to anymore. Let’s face it blogging is largely a numbers game especially if you want the work so let’s not shy away from what it is. I’m with you I follow back on some, not all but I don’t follow people with the hope they’ll follow me back and then unfollow a few days later. What’s the point? Anywho having bloggers as your audience I think is part of it surely? Surely we all have an interest in each other and that’s ok? #ablogginggoodtime

  48. Very true and well said. #SharingtheBlogLove

  49. An interesting piece. I am always grateful of any comments. I started blogging as another creative outlet for my writing and because I wanted to interact with like-minded people which generally other bloggers are. I am not selling anything just personal opinion and experience so if it is just other bloggers in a similar place to me reading what I write so be it. I am happy with that. #ablogginggoodtime

  50. Debbie says:

    Hi Katie, I have never heard of anything so bonkers. Surely bloggers are people, who have other interests, concerns worries, hobbies apart from blogging? I’d love to meet the people who come up with these crazy theories. I’m happy for any comments I get, and non-bloggers are probably less inclined to leave a comment on a post than a blogger.


  51. I get that we should be writing to an audience but isnt blogging all about networking and by networking you cant ignore your fellow bloggers? They are parents after all!
    I like to think at least part of my traffic is not bloggers but im pretty sure most of my traffic is! #ablogginggoodtime

  52. This definietly gives me somehing to think about that I hadn’t even considered before. #ablogginggoodtime

  53. I have no target audience and I wouldn’t even know where to start. A person is a person blogger or not. We are all mothers and women with likes and dislikes. Every reader is a legitimate reader blogger or not #ablogginggoodtime

  54. Crummy Mummy says:

    The majority of comments I get are from fellow bloggers – I don’t know where I’d be without them! #ablogginggoodtime

  55. Popping back from #ablogginggoodtime x

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