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3rd June 2016
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3rd June 2016

How to Get Noticed As A Blogger…Boobs & Arse!


My very good friend Catie (I know Catie & Katie… and yup confusing at times) from Diary of An Imperfect Mum were talking about how we sometimes feel like we are disappearing into the deep blue sea of blogging. There are so many bloggers all over the world and new smash hits breaking out every day. The trouble is… we don’t want to disappear. We want to be seen and we

 want to be heard. I mean, what’s a blogger got to do to get noticed round here…

We are both part of several blogging forums and a new online blogging community as well as being very present on our social media platforms and day in day out we see new bloggers appearing, trying to find their place and asking that all important question… “How do you make it as a blogger?!” Now, I am very sorry if you came here hoping for a quick fix answer… Catie has been blogging a lot longer than I have and we are both still asking that question ourselves. This post may sound like the bitter ramblings of two bloggers who were nominated but failed to make the shortlists for either the BIBS or the MADS this year… but you couldn’t be further from the truth. This post is one big

 question mark! On a daily basis we put our hearts and our souls into our blogs and whilst in the grand scheme of things, nominations don’t matter, in our heart of hearts they really do! What more could we have done… what more could we have given of ourselves to have changed the recent outcome?!  Are we too niche? Are we not niche enough? Are we just plain not good?

Well we stuck our heads together for a while (over a cider I would like to add) and came up with a few options that we could consider in order to draw in some much welcomed attention. Are you ready? Notepads at the ready for tips? Okay…

Option 1: Organise a mass protest against the government. So there is a lot happening in the political world at the moment so we could jump on the bandwagon and stage a protest for all those unhappy radicals out there determined to make a difference. However, I am pretty sure that MI5 have just started monitoring my blog so we’ll move on from this idea…

Option 2. We could find something we feel is quite popular… like a cheeky Nandos and then just rip it to shreds… completely tear into it in the hope that stepping away from the crowds and out of the box and being just that little bit more controversial will get us some attention which we can direct back to our “real” blog posts! DEATH TO NANDOS… sorry just practicing in case!

Option 3. BOOBS & ARSE! After the first two complete disaster ideas we came to the conclusion that maybe if we flashed a bit of boob (that’s me) and arse (Catie said she was more of a bum kind of gal) that I could become the next Katie Price and Catie could definitely be a Kim Kardashian in the making… this is a winning plan don’t you think?!

Hang on a minute?! But what are we saying?! None of this is us at all. This isn’t the type of bloggers we are. We like to do something we describe (rather disgustingly) as word vom… something happens to us in our lives both good and bad and we sit down, happy or sad and we

let the words flow from our brains onto the page and then the next day or sometime in the future those thoughts are then there… out here in blogland for anyone and everyone to read! I recently had a heartbreaking experience and was crying for a ridiculously long time. I sat in front of my laptop and cried through my fingers onto the page and it was like a sigh of relief!

You know what… who cares if masses of people don’t read the latest post we’ve written? I suppose we do. Why? Because, it can be awfully disheartening if no one turns up to read something we have worked hard on… but maybe they’ll stop by for the next one.

We do however have an apology to make… if you’ve come here looking for boobs and arse… sorry we didn’t share! We’re rather shy little bloggers really and I am not sure the regular readers we do have would appreciate pictures of them! If you have come here looking for tips on how to make your blog a roaring success… here is our tip for you…

It doesn’t matter if you don’t win an award. It doesn’t matter if only one person reads your blog. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 followers or 10,000 followers. The only thing that matters, is how you feel about your blog… when you press publish, when you click edit and when you hit share! Do it for you and you alone and hey if someone says “Good Job!” then that’s definitely a bonus! Don’t ever compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!


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  2. This is such a good post to read! I’m new to blogging but I’m the kind of person who wants to be the best. I’m ambitious I guess. But I’m already getting overwhelmed with how much work it is to maintain a really engaging blog and social media platforms. I’m a SAHM so my priority is and will always be looking after and playing with my baby girl. But I want to improve my blog! At the end of the day I just need to remember why I started blogging (to keep up my writing/online skills whilst being a SAHM) and the rest will follow. Thanks for reminding me of that! Will definitely be back for more… Even without the boobs and arse photos 😉

  3. Ali Duke says:

    I love this post! I am not sure if there is actually a sure fire way of getting noticed or if it is just luck. Either way, I am going to keep going as I love what I am doing x

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