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19th December 2016
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20th December 2016

Am I Ugly?!

Firstly let me say, this is not a post because I am looking for compliments or anything like that. This is a post to highlight how segregated some people can be made to feel due to their appearance or perhaps an illness or condition that they might have. The media dictates to us what we are supposed to look like to fit into a certain category e.g. pretty, geeky, fat, thin, model, mummy…. the list goes on. Now don’t get me wrong, without social media I would have no job and there would be no blog and I would be leaving Alyssa with a childminder whilst I went out of the house to work and missed all the precious milestones that I have been able to watch. However, there is a horrible side to the media and the affect that it can have on people as a whole. Several people in my family, including myself, suffer from a certain condition – I am very fortunate in that for me it cannot be seen and no one would even know it was there. For my poor mum the condition is very visible and can often cause people to stare and for children to go “ughhh what’s that?!” I am talking about psoriasis….

woman sat hugging her knees and legs which are covered in psoriasis

As I said, in many ways I am lucky because my psoriasis is only on my scalp, under my hair where it cannot be seen. Yes it can be irritating and it gets worse when I am stressed but it is manageable, especially with certain shampoos and conditioners. However, my mum has it on her arms, legs and now her face too. She has recently begun a treatment for it called PUVA which is affectively like a sunbed a few times a week as the sun helps the patches go from dry and flaky to smooth and pink which is a much better look. There is also a type of “tar cream” that she can put on but doctor’s surgeries are not allowed to prescribe it as it is too expensive and so she can only get this from the hospital when they allow it.

an arm with psoriasis all over

Psoriasis can look as I said smooth and red/pink in colour or there can be the hint of red and pink underneath and the whole of the top of the area can be covered in white, dry flaky skin that drops and falls off very easily. That’s actually one of the main things that my mum hates about it – the fact that the skin can just drop off and she almost leaves a trail. People look disgusted at her sometimes but other than the treatment she is already getting there hasn’t ever been a whole lot she can do. I hate the fact that people can act so ignorantly about something that is almost uncontrollable and unfortunately not preventable – it can be managed but only to a certain degree which is different in everyone.

Quality Care from Leo Pharma UK have created a Youtube Channel with lots of different information about psoriasis – everything from things that may help to make-up tips on how to cover it up. One of the best and most poignant videos that I found was the video below entitled Is Psoriasis Contagious…?

They have also created a brilliant questionnaire designed to help people living with the condition as well as designing an app to help people track it too which I think is brilliant – anything they can do to raise awareness and educate people in my book is fantastic!

a womans naked back and the back of her arms covered in psoriasis

I really do hope that if ever there comes a time when the psoriasis moves from my head to other parts of my body that by then the population as a whole will be much better educated on the condition. Some of the jeers and comments made towards my mother have been not only unfounded but also incredibly hurtful. She hates the way it looks and does everything she can to control it. It’s not contagious so people seriously need to get a grip. I do not want to find myself, one day stood in front of a mirror after hearing a bunch of horrible comments and wondering, Am I Ugly?!
This is a collaborative post – all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. This must be a nightmare to live with! I think for others who suffer or maybe have children who suffer, this is going to be a really empathetic and useful post Katie x

  2. Jen Mellor says:

    What a lovely well written post. I have never really known much about psoriasis but now I feel I know more and really like your writing style. Great blog well done x

  3. My nan and mum both suffer from psoriasis. Nan had it much worse that Mum does. Nan had it on many parts of her body and it was quite painful at times. Mum, like you, has it confined to her scalp. It isn’t a nice thing to live with so I hope it doesn’t get any worse for you or your mum…

  4. Claire says:

    Psoriasis is a nightmare. I’ve had it in my scalp too but thankfully it’s cleared up with shampoo. I now have ezcema on my neck which looks like a lovebite! #ablogginggoodtime

  5. It must be incredibly hard to live with something that is so visible. A friend of mine at school had really terrible acne and my heart ached for her, because I knew how stressed out I felt when I had just one obvious spot as a teenager. Such a good post to highlight the issue of psoriasis. People will always make comments, so education is key. Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Thanks for sharing. My cousin suffers from this. It’s so upsetting for her when it flares up.

  7. Jenni says:

    My brother has psoriasis and I know it effects him daily. It is important to raise awareness of this x #ablogginggoodtime

  8. Lucy At Home says:

    I have a friend who has psoriasis all over her face and arms. She says it has always been part of her life and she doesn’t seem embarrassed about it at all, but I know sometimes it is very sore. Thank you for raising awareness of this condition #ablogginggoodtime

  9. Joana Mateus says:

    What a brave post, thanks for writing about it. My grandad suffered with this condition for years… I think your post resonated not only because of his case but because of so many other hidden problems or issues we do not talk about, especially under the glare of social media. I’m glad you took the time to address some of the real struggles behind the masks. #ablogginggoodtime

  10. I really feel for your mum and all the many other people who suffer from psoriasis. It’s so good to raise awareness of these things, as so many are ignorant and don’t realise how cruel their comments or jeers can be. People don’t stop to think of the suffering somebody like your mum is going through everyday, living with the discomfort and pain of it. I really hope the treatment works for her. Thank you for bringing attention to this condition that so many live with. #ablogginggoodtime

  11. Great to bring something seldom talked about to peoples attention. I hope you know the true answer to that question xx #ablogginggoodtime

  12. I never knew much about psoriasis – it sounds like it can be really challenging to manage and it’s really horrible that people would make negative comments about someone who’s suffering with it. I have a skin condition called keratosis pilaris which causes bumps on my arms and legs, but it’s fairly common in really pale people and easy enough to cover up. #abloggingoodtime

  13. Aleena says:

    I think there’s a lot to be said for educating our children not to judge others by their appearance. I always tell Amelia that it is perfectly fine to be curious, and even to ask people about differences in their appearance compared to hers, but to do so in the right way. I often find that people are very willing to talk to her if she has asked rather than pointing etc. #ABloggingGoodTime

  14. My Mother suffers badly from it too.It really is so horrible!#ablogginggoodtime

  15. I remember my Grandfather had psoriasis and as a child I really didn’t know how to react to him and it. This is a really helpful post in clearing up some people’s misunderstanding. #ablogginggoodtime

  16. I have it on my scalp, but fortunately not as severely as you. I’m concerned that my daughter might inherit it. It’s such a nuisance and so itchy. You are most certainly not ugly. Well done you for speaking up about this 🙂 #ABloggingGoodTime

  17. It’s a very common condition and I know many people who suffer with it. When I see it I don’t think it looks ugly. I think it looks painful. #ablogginggoodtime

  18. Emma Reed says:

    I don’t look at conditions etc and think ugly. If someone is rude, mean, jealous, malicious etc then that is where I see the ugly- it comes from inside. I have always had spots, worse as a teenager but still have poor skin now and it is something I’ve had to battle with so I can get how you are feeling. As they say ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. #ablogginggoodtime

  19. Suchitra says:

    Hugs to you and your mum. I like that you decided to do something about this and write about it whether for advocacy or awareness. Thank you. #ablogginggoodtime

  20. I think this is getting to be a very common condition that not much people talk about. Thanks for sharing this post with us. #ablogginggoodtime

    You can Join my link-up party here: http://wp.me/p6bxAJ-1ey

  21. I went to school with a girl who suffered really badly with it and it was everywhere, including her face. At an age when everyone was obsessing over every pimple I was always amazed at her self-confidence. She was very inspiring, and very popular (including with the boys ?). I never once thought of her as ugly, quite the opposite in fact x

  22. My other half used to suffer from this but luckily for him it was hidden so he never had to suffer pointing of fingers or accusation associated with the condition. It is a sad reflection of our society that those who are not seen as being perfectly beautiful are somehow inferior. Beauty really is only skin deep and gives absolutely no indication whatsoever of what a person is truly like . #ablogginggoodtime

  23. Debbie says:

    Hi Katie, people can be so cruel. None of us like to look different, and people should think how they would feel before making comments. I hope that one day they come up with a treatment for psoriasis and that yours doesn’t spread.


  24. This is such an uncomfortable condition to live with. One of my uncle’s suffered from this and I always remember as a child how it upset him and dominated his life so much. I hope there is something found soon which can provide better relief for the sufferers. #ablogginggoodtime

  25. Crummy Mummy says:

    I can really relate to this – my Granny had psoriasis and it was really visible too. People would point and stare and she wouldn’t take us swimming when we were little because of it… #ablogginggoodtime

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