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20th December 2016
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21st December 2016
Now you have all seen pictures of me and you know I like food… which is also obvious when you see that I have a food section on the blog too – duhhh!! However, I would also say that I’m pretty open to trying any cuisine from around the world (obviously nothing that has or previously had a heartbeat but other than that I’m good!) Now, I go between having a real sweet tooth to wanting all the cheese that there is in existence. My general downfall when it comes to dieting is snacks because there are so many delicious snacks to be had that I could literally live off snacks sweet or savoury. Well…. move over lootcrate, step aside glossybox introducing my new hero…. World of Snacks!

rows of different confectionery - hundreds

Now I love a good subscription box as much as the next person and I think that almost everyone in the family has some box or another – even Alyssa has one and she loves when it arrives each month just as much as we do. World of Snacks is the most amazing new concept – so basically, you sign up like you do with any subscription and each month you will get a box of snacks set through the post to yassortment of japanese snacks laid out on a tableou. You may be thinking… well what’s so special about that, I can just go to Tesco can’t I? Well, get this… each month you are sent snacks that come from a different location around the world – how cool is that?!

We got sent the first month’s box and it was sweets and goodies from Japan!! First of all, I have never been to Japan so I was super excited to see all the different snacks they might have and secondly… look how much I got in the box!! Amazing value when you consider a monthly subscription is only £13.99 a month which is much lower than a lot of the boxes out there.

You might be thinking well I don’t speak or read Japanese (mega hats off to you if you do!!) so how will I know what’s in them – which I can tell you is a big problem for us when it comes to being a vegetarian. Well, have no fear because each box is carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a sheet and leaflet on top giving information about each product including an ingredients list in English!!

I think this is such a great idea – we have a Japan fanatic in the house who was like OMG GIMME GIMME GIMME!! I may have let him have the ones I couldn’t eat but I kept the rest for myself (shhhhhh he may have a new subscription for Christmas!!

assortment of japanese snacks laid out on a table

If you’re after a subscription box for a family member, young or old, then I cannot recommend enough World of Snacks – it is something really different and is going to allow you to experience things from all over the world that at any other time you might not get to try. A great present for a traveller too! Don’t forget to check out their Gift Subscription options too where you have a whole range of choices to make for someone special… there’s still time, so why not grab one for someone THIS CHRISTMAS!!

Keeeeeeepppppp Snacking!!

(in moderation obviously!)

Visit World of Snacks.Com

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  1. Lyra says:

    I had this box too, and absolutely loved it! I think the ice-cream looking thing was my favourite! 🙂

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