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Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 45
21st July 2017
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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #29
22nd July 2017
This is going to be one of those posts where it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am generally, when it comes to toast, a very boring kind of person. I’ll have jam. I’ll have marmite. I’ll devour chocolate spread if we happen to have it but that’s about it. I do really really like marmite with peanut butter on top which I thought was perfectly normal until I told a friend a friend about it and she thought it sounded weird and disgusting. So this got me thinking… what other weird toppings are out there?! What do people have on their toast?! Being the nosy cow that I am, I of course had to find out – so what did I do? Well, I of course did what I’ve done for the last few round-up posts (Best Breakfast Ideas and Top 10 Veggie Summer Dishes) and asked the hu-age blogging community what they liked on their cold parent toast each morning and boy did the toasties come out in force. I am not sure how many I got so let’s keep going until we get to the end. You’ll never be stumped by what to put on your toast again…

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  1. Baked Beans with an Egg Stirred in  – The Incidental Parent – yeah this one is not for me!
  2. Bananas on Toast – Savings 4 Savvy Mums – apparently the riper the banana the better!
  3. Nutella & Banana on Toast – Miracle Max – because chocolate for breakfast is heaven!
  4. Cranberry Sauce – Just Average Jen – ummm not for me! I only like it with hot melted brie!
  5. Marmite & Jam – Confessions of a New Mummy – my sister loves this but to me it’s just wrong!
  6. Avocado, Strawberries &  Goats Cheese – The Best Version of Kelly – I’m not a fan of sweet and savory together. 
  7. Cheese Spread & Marmite – Lylia Rose – Yes, I love this and have it often.
  8. Tinned Tomatoes with an Egg on Top – Tattooed Tea Lady – I wouldn’t have the egg but I do like the toms.
  9. Tinned Mackerel in Tomato Sauce with Cheese on Top – Better Together Home – I don’t eat fish. Sorry!
  10. Banana and Marmite – Island Living 365 – Back to the banana again? Give me a break people!
  11. Fried Egg & Brown Sugar – Broken Thoughts – Just No! That’s wrong on so many levels!
  12. Cheese & Ketchup – Thrifty Mum – Yeah I did this as a kid and still do with cheese on toast and sauce.
  13. Mashed Brussel Sprouts on Toast – Bare Mother – yeahhhh… another no from me!
  14. Dolmio Sauce on Toast – Five Little Doves – again this seems a little weird to me!
  15. Tuna and Cheese on Toast – Hectic Diabetic – I’ll take your word for it.
  16. Peanut Butter and Raisins – Squirmy Popple – Peanut Butter yes. With raisins…. nope.
  17. Peanut Butter and Marmite – Jibber Jabber UK – YES! This is my go to toast topping every time. Delish!
  18. Macaroni Cheese on Toast – Katy Kicker – Okay I now really have to try this major carb fest.
  19. Mango Chutney & Cheese – Someone’s Mum – Yeah I don’t like Mango Chutney anyway.
  20. Mint Sauce on Toast – Mummy and Liss – Probably because I don’t eat lamb I’ve never had mint sauce.
  21. Avocado & Baked Beans – Captain Bobcat – I like both of these but not together I don’t think.
  22. Cinnamon Honey Butter – Mum on a Mission – Oooo this sounds absolutely delicious.
  23. Horseradish Sauce on Toast – Diary of a First Child – I can’t handle heat. Sorry again.
  24. Peanut Butter & Sliced Beetroot – Topsy Turvy Tribe – nope nope sorry can’t do it.
  25. Chicken Curry & Grated Cheese – Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four – I’m a vegetarian. I don’t have to eat this!
  26. White Pudding, Mayo & Ketchup – The Mamma Fairy – Again, I’m gonna play the veggie card!
  27. Scrambled Egg & Cheese – Bobsys Mum – Actually this is a combination that I really well too!
  28. Bovril – Little Hearts Big Love – I’m assuming you dunk the toast kind of like a biscuit?!
  29. Cheese & Crumbled Mini Cheddars – Whimsical Mumblings – Yes, I’d go with this for sure!
  30. Marmite, Ketchup & Gherkins – Dear Babies – All I can say is ewwww.
  31. Peanut Butter & Cheese – Unique Young Mum – Yeah okay I think I’d give it a go!
  32. Dripping and Salt – Teddy Bears and Cardigans – I’m hiding behind my veggie placard on this one.
  33. Apple, Cheese& Worcester Sauce – Cossins Music School – I can’t do sweet and savory together at all.
  34. Buttered Toast & Hot Chocolate – The Mummy Monster – Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?!
  35. Cheese & Banana – Hacking Parenthood – What is it with people putting fruit with savory?! No!
  36. Mint Sauce & Cottage Cheese – Dilan and Me – I hate cottage cheese… sorry.
  37. Toothpaste on Toast – Sparkly Mummy – Now she doesn’t eat it she just found it. WTF?!
  38. Avocado & Tahini – Oh Mummymia – Nope I’m keeping tahini in humus thanks! 
  39. Sliced Apple – Biscuit Please Mummy – Yes okay I’d go with this. Perhaps with some cinnamon on top.
  40. Cheese and Jam – Two Hearts One Roof – Yeah, another sweet and savoury mix I cannot do!
  41. Cheese & Salad Cream – Mumma and Her Monsters – I don’t like salad cream as I find it vinegary.
  42. Fried Beans & Cayenne – Then I Became Mum – I can’t handle spicy but I love fried beans.
  43. Quorn Bacon & Jalepenos – Mama Mei – Again I can’t handle hot but fake bacon yes please!
  44. Avocado & Poached Egg – Frugal Family – I’ve never tried it but actually it sounds quite nice.
  45. Avocado & Marmite – Lycra Window – This does not appeal to me at all which is weird as I like both.
  46. Nutella & Cream Cheese – Mummy Wishes – Nope I’ll just have the Nutella thanks.
  47. Honey & Halloumi – The Purple Pumpkin – Again salty and sweet is just a no for me.
  48. Pesto, Tomatoes & Lemon Juice – Living with a Jude – This is quite quirky. Perhaps no l
  49. emon for me.
  50. Peanut Butter & Banana – Country Heart & Home – Weirdly I can see how this works.
  51. Soft Cheese, Avocados, Strawberries & Pepper – Mummy Alarm – I’m gonna pass on this one. Next?
  52. Marmite, Cheese & Mayonaise – Farmer’s Wife and Mummy – You went wrong at the Mayo for me.
  53. Philadelphia & Sweet Chilli Sauce – This Girl Can and Does – This sounds nice but not
    too much chilli.
  54. Cream Cheese & Raisins – The Spirited Puddle Jumper – Nope no fruit and cheese again please.
  55. Leftover Chilli – My Boys Club – Leftovers seem to be a bit of a theme.
  56. Salad Cream – Amy Treasure – Plain and simple but not my cup of tea.
  57. Peanut Butter & Caramalised Sugar – Tattooed Mummy –  Its sweet and savory again *hides*
  58. Salami, Cheese & Tomato Sauce – Janine’s Little World – *Puts on her veggie badge and smiles*
  59. Taramasalata – Mummy and Moose – Is it bad that I don’t even know what that is?!
  60. Tahini & Honey – Motherhood: The Real Deal – I’m thinking I might have to try the Tahini out of humus.
  61. Marmite & Carrot – Georgina Clarke – Yeah I’m not gonna lie. It doesn’t float my boat.
  62. Pot Noodle on Toast – Playdays and Runways – Apparently chicken and mushroom is the best I’m told.
  63. Ham, Cheese & Mustard – Mummy and Monkeys – I’ve done this with Quorn ham – delicious melted.
  64. Hummus – 3 Girls Mummy – Simple, but I kind of prefer hummus cold with celery.
  65. Salmon & Scrambled Egg – The Parenting Game – I think this is quite a popular choice!
  66. Cheese & Balsamic Vinegar – Happy Mummy – Yeah I’m okay with this one.
  67. Marmite and Scrambled Egg – Pears and Chocolate Sauce – Hmmm, I’m not sure about this one.
  68. Lemon Curd – Raw Childhood – Yes I really love this. Hmm, I’ll have lemon meringue pie please.

There you have it everyone – you can never tell me you’re stuck for ideas of what to pop on your toast… because you’ll be switching to porridge after some of these!!


  1. Eva Katona says:

    Whoa! That’s enough experimentation with your breakfast toast for a year! Thanks for featuring my weird favourite too! #foodiefriday

  2. Donna says:

    OMG I want almost all of these!! Some are a tad strange though I must say! #foodiefriday

  3. Lots of ideas for toast toppings here although I’m not sure I fancy some of them! Thanks for including mine. You spread the Bovril from the jar in the same way as you would with Marmite 🙂

  4. I love it, loads of different ideas for my toast tomorrow morning 😉

  5. I love the sound of some of these! Will pin to try them later, I wonder if I can do all 67! #foodiefriday

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