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5 Gift Ideas for Car Lovers in Your Life

gift ideas for car lovers
*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.
If you have a partner or family member who is a car enthusiast, it’s likely that they are extremely specific about what goes onto or in their vehicle, making the idea of buying a gift for them that little bit more challenging. If your budget doesn’t stretch far, but you want to buy a present that is sentimental and personal, here are 5 great gift ideas for car lovers.

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Leather Driving Gloves

If you’re having difficulty finding a gift for a car enthusiast, a pair of leather driving gloves can be the best place to start. During the autumn and winter months, leather driving gloves will keep their hands warm when using a cold steering wheel. They will also add an extra layer of protection to fresh leather steering wheels from oil and dirt that can accumulate when driving barehanded.

Dash Cameraa car with satnav active on a phne on the dash

No matter how careful your loved one is when it comes to driving, car accidents can and do happen. Aside from the possible injuries they may sustain, going through a car accident claim can be exhausting. If you capture the accident on camera, this can help strengthen your loved one’s case, making a dash camera a necessity. A dash cam will automatically save footage when a crash is detected, so if you want to keep your nearest and dearest safe when driving, a dash camera is the way forward.

Smartphone Dash Mount

Most car lovers would rather spend their cash on car parts, rather than forking out money on tickets for using their smartphone while driving. A smartphone dash mount can be the perfect gift that will not only reduce the risk of them being ticketed, but keep them safe while driving. Most modern drivers own a smartphone, so having a dash mount is a key gadget that you should consider.

Personalised Show Platesteering wheel

For car enthusiasts, their vehicle is their number one pride and joy. If your loved one likes to show off their car to visitors, creating a personalised show plate can be another great gift to consider. Show plates can be purchased on websites like Number 1 Plates at the following link: Here, they can give you more information on the different show number plates options. They have a large range of sizes and specifications and provide bespoke plates that you are able to design yourself. Remember, they are plates for show and cannot be used legally on the road.

Auto-Care Products Crate

It’s likely that your loved one will spend a lot of their time keeping their vehicle in tip top condition, so why not help them out and hand them a crate filled with auto-care products? There are lots of crates that come with snow foam auto wash, microfiber towels, and a collapsible bucket which can make the process of keeping their car spick and span that little bit easier.

To make shopping for a car enthusiast easier, all the gifts listed above can be great presents that your loved one will enjoy. These gift ideas for car lovers will make any motorhead happy!

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