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How to Find the Best Family Car

*This is a collaborative post.
Looking into a new family car? Every parent needs a vehicle that they can rely on each and every day to handle the various driving tasks that come with parenthood. It is likely that the car is used for daily school runs, shopping, driving to and from work, taking the kids to their friends’ house, visiting grandparents and various other reasons so it is key that it is a car that fits with your lifestyle and won’t let you down.


two women and a man facing away from the camera in a car driving along a cliff road

Here are a few key factors to consider when shopping for a family vehicle.


First, you need to work out how much money you have to work with. In most cases, shopping in the used car market will be the best move because your money will go further and you can usually find an excellent family vehicle for an affordable price. Just be sure to use a reliable dealership and do you research beforehand.


You need to make sure that the car can easily fit the whole family in with plenty of room for storage in the boot. There may be times where you travel with more people so having this option is helpful (you might also be thinking about growing your family!)

Comfortspeed dials of a car

You will also want to ensure that the interior is comfortable for both the driver and the passengers particularly if you regularly make long drives. In addition to soft materials, this will include having enough legroom and features like air-con, automatic windows etc.


Safety is always an important aspect to consider but particularly when you have little ones. There have been some truly amazing safety technology advances in recent times so you will want to find a family car which has safety features like automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane keep assist and blind-spot monitoring.

Car Maintenance

These are the main factors to consider but you should also think about how you can maintain the vehicle to avoid any costly trips to the garage. This will involve regular cleaning and self-maintenance but you could also look into using a car cover which can protect it from the elements – this is particularly useful in the autumn and winter months where cars can easily get damaged.

steering wheel

Buying a family car is a huge decision as this will be a vehicle that you rely on every day. The above are the main factors to consider and should help you to pick out an automobile which is just right for you and your family.

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