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How to Kick Start Your Morning on a Positive Note

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*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.
Have you ever wondered what it must be like to be a morning person? To wake up refreshed and excited to start the day? While you may not have been born a morning person, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn to appreciate mornings, embrace them, and see them in a more positive manner. I have some great tips on how to kick start your morning in a positive way.

kick start your morning alarm clock on a stand at 6am

So, rather than dreading the sound of the alarm clock, hitting the snooze button half a dozen times, and then dragging yourself out of bed, here are some ways you can kick start your morning on a more positive note. That positive attitude will create a domino effect that can set you up for a more successful and productive day in general.

Give Yourself Enough Time to Get Readytwo slices of toast on a chopping board with a knife and strawberry jam on them and a strawberry cut in half on the board

The first adjustment you’ll want to make is your wake-up time. If your mornings consist of you waking up late, then rushing around trying to get ready and out of the door on time, it’s time to make a change. By giving yourself a little extra time, you will take away that panic and stress that usually dominate your mornings. It allows for a more relaxing, and therefore positive frame of mind.

It will obviously be hard to get up earlier at first, but after about two weeks your body should adjust and you’ll start noticing those changes in your attitude.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to in the Morning

Another tip is to give yourself something to look forward to in the morning, a little treat if you will. That could be your favourite breakfast dish or something simpler like a fabulous cup of steaming hot coffee. Coffee is a double whammy in that it tastes fabulous and gives you that jolt of caffeine to really get you going. I had a delicious breakfast in bath when staying there once that really set me up for the day.

You can even challenge yourself and set out to make the perfect cup of coffee using the ideal beans, roast, and grinds. You can refer to these coffee guides on the Coffee368 website which provides an in-depth look at how to make that perfect cup of coffee, which is ideal for newbies and those who consider themselves true coffee lovers.

Start with Some Stretches and Light Exercises a woman in a blue tracksuit sat on grass with her legs out trying to touch her toes

If you’re waking up early enough, you can also include some stretches and light exercise in your morning routine. This is a great way to loosen up your muscles and joints and get them ready for the day. It will also help to wake you up and energise you.

Start with a Positive Message

Finally, it can be helpful to read something positive, inspiring, motivating, uplifting, or happy first thing in the morning. Think of it as your morning message. You may want to check out the many positive affirmation apps out there that are meant to provide you with those fabulous messages and teach you how to embrace them in your life.

You’re Ready to Tackle the Morning

With these tips, you’re ready to tackle mornings in a much more positive frame of min


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