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4 Ways to Care for Others During a Pandemic

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We’re a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic now, and whilst restrictions aren’t as tight as they might have been at the beginning of this virus, there are still limitations in place that dictate what you can do, who you can see and how you spend your free time. Whether it’s going into the office and seeing colleagues, spending Sundays visiting your grandparents or meeting up with the girls for Friday night drinks, our social lives have been put on the back burner. This could mean that you feel disconnected, lonely and worried about your family or friends that you haven’t seen properly on regular occasions. Chances are that if you’re feeling these emotions, your family and friends are too!
There are so many ways that you can say you love someone, and reassure them that you are still there to look after them, even without seeing them in person for a hug. We’ve compiled a list of four different ways that you can care for someone during a pandemic, from a distance, so that you can both feel connected even when you are apart.

a girl supporting her friend with a hug

Send Them a Pick Me Up

Whether it’s a bunch of flowers, or an edible gift, now is a time where we all need something to cheer ourselves up with. So, if you don’t keep something special for yourself, send it to someone you care for, to show that you are thinking of them and acknowledge that they will be going through a tough time at the moment too. If they’re not exactly a flower person, everyone loves chocolate – whether it’s milk, white or dark chocolate flavoured!chocolate

Chocolate is the perfect gift for when someone is feeling low, and you can even make it extra special by sending them some personalised chocolate. MorseToad has a range of chocolate bars, boxes and hampers for you to send a special message to loved ones so that you can let the chocolate do the talking. Whether or not it’s a special occasion, everyone deserves a treat, especially during these difficult times!

Write Them a Letter

Now this is very old school, but if video calling isn’t your thing, what better way can you show that you care than by choosing, designing and writing a card or letter to send to someone? You can tell them everything that you haven’t been able to say in person, or write something that you know will make them smile. This is much more personal and time-consuming than simply sending a text message, which can lose its sincerity over technology. Nothing beats a hand-written message!

Drop Them a Video Calla man in a shirt texting on a phone

Now, it’s likely that you’ve had a lot of plans, celebrations and occasions cancelled as a result of the virus. To make up for missing out on that fun, you could rearrange any of these events at a later date, but continue to carry them out online by using video calling. Thanks to technology, you can now participate in video calls with more than one person, with Zoom, Google Hangouts and Skype.

Even that pyjama party you planned with a Netflix binge can still go on, thanks to Google Chrome’s handy Netflix Party toolbar that lets you watch a TV show or film at the same time. Even if you need to pause to go to the bathroom, or top up the popcorn, your friend’s screen will be paused too. There is even a chat function, so you don’t need to flip between website tabs to express your reaction to a certain scene – you can message them instantly via the chat box. It’s almost as if they’re in the room next to you!

Run an Errand for Them

Whilst you won’t be able to pop into their house for a cup of tea after dropping off their newspaper, if you’re out and about anyway, why not send your loved one a text to ask if they need anything from the supermarket? This is particularly important if you have someone close to you that is shielding. By going the extra mile and making sure that they have their groceries, medicine and essentials, you could save them from going out themselves and putting themselves at risk of contracting the virus.

Although it isn’t possible to do these things all at once with every single person you know and care for, try to dedicate some time each day to thinking of a loved one and finding a way that you can show them that they have not been forgotten. Remind them that they have a support network, so that should they need to use one, they know they have you to rely on. Life can be lonely with or without a pandemic going on, so use some of these tips to show that you care.

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