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Finding the Right Eyewear with Specsavers

specsavers glasses range
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As a child I used to love the excitement of going to the opticians. I had glasses for concentration but that was all and found that during my teens and early twenties I didn’t need any. When my daughter was 3 months old, I finally went for a eye test and once again got given glasses for concentration and when I was on a computer etc. She turned 5 two weeks ago and I’m ashamed to say I have only just revisited the opticians for a check-up and am super pleased with the results and my experience.

Specsavers glasses

When you think of glasses and opticians, you do think Specsavers. Having not been to an opticians for almost 5 years, I was amazed at the changes in service and how much can be done online.

Obviously during the current pandemic Specsavers want to make sure everyone is kept as safe as possible. You’re encouraged to book an appointment in advance, which can be made online or by ringing your chosen store as that way they can limit the number of people in the shop at any time. specsavers

With my daughter at home, I did also have to take her with me but the experience was brilliant for both of us. I was asked my history, given an assessment and then advised what I’d need going forward.

It turns out I have astigmatism in both eyes and I really noticed how much my eyesight had gone down when the optician showed me correct vision – this could also explain my headaches too!specsavers glasses range

I was then invited to look round the store at the incredible range of frames they have on offer. You can do this alone or an assistant is also happy to advise. I was really conscious that I wanted to get frames that would suit my face and NOT make it look rounder than it already is! Thankfully with the amount of frames on offer from budget to designer, I was able to find not one but two pairs that both Alyssa and I loved that framed my face nicely. I chose a standard pair that would look professional for meetings but also a slightly snazzier pair for home!

I was then fitted for the glasses to make sure they were going to sit well on my face and it was recommended that due to the amount of work I do on a computer that I get the anti-glare film on my glasses which is a minor extra charge but I felt worth it.

All I then had to do was wait a week and I was able to collect my glasses which again they checked fitted correctly and included a case and cleaning cloth – they gave Alyssa a free pink case for her princess sunglasses too.

If you find it’s time for an eye test, don’t panic because Specsavers is taking every precaution to provide their normal great service in a safe way. Plus I can guarantee you’ll find frames to suit your face, even if you’re a bit round like me!




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