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Silent Killers: 4 Diseases Dog Owners Need to Be Aware Of

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Once you have raised and lived with a dog for the majority of their life, you will learn their body language and behaviour. When either of these begin to change, it can indicate that your pup is uncomfortable or in pain. The last thing that we would want to see is our pet suffering, and while some dog illnesses can be detected easily, it is common for many to go unnoticed for weeks, months or even years. This can be heart breaking for caring owners. The key to protecting our pets is to be vigilant and aware of silent killers, so today, we will be taking a look into 4 diseases dog owners need to be aware of.


Joint pain and inflammation are common in older pets, but unlike humans, they can’t describe or seek out remedies for their discomfort. Fortunately, glucosamine for dogs is available in supplement form, known as YuMove. Adding YuMove’s glucosamine for dogs into your pet’s diet will slow down joint deterioration and reduce pain. This, combined with regular vet check-ups and lifestyle changes will make your arthritic dog more comfortable. Age, weight, breed and nutrition can contribute to osteoarthritis and common symptoms include difficulty in getting up, running and joint sensitivity.


In most cases, heartworm disease in dogs is noticed too late and the result is normally fatal. This is because the symptoms aren’t easy to spot, which gives the disease the chance to spread. Dogs catch the disease through the bite of an infected mosquito. Regular check-ups with your vet will allow them to monitor your dog’s health and diagnose the disease with a blood test, and treatment can be administered if necessary. Symptoms only show in the later stages and include constant coughing, lethargy, fatigue, reduced appetite and weight loss.


The pancreas is one of the most misunderstood organs in humans and dogs. Pancreatitis, which is basically inflammation of the pancreas, causes many issues for our pets, especially as they get older. The symptoms for this condition may not appear for many years, which allows damage to occur. Regular check-ups with your vet, blood tests, and close observation of any kinds of changes in behaviour may detect the illness before it manifests and causes irreversible damage. Symptoms include nausea, reduced appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea.


We’re all aware of the prevalence and devastating effects of cancer and unfortunately, it can affect our canine companions too. Many people will not be aware of the disease until it has progressed too far and in dogs, it’s common for the situation to be even worse. While pain from acute cancer can be easily noticed in dogs, the condition can subtly manifest in a number of ways. Many people link the symptoms of cancer to old age. As your dog gets older, vet appointments are important and may even be the difference between life and death for your pup.

It’s a dog’s instinct to hide and disguise pain, as this can make them appear weak to their pack. They don’t have a voice and it’s our responsibility to keep them as happy and healthy as possible, so educating yourself and keeping a close eye on your pooch will help you to achieve that.

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