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10th December 2018
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3 Top Tips for Your Garden in Winter

It might be Winter but that doesn’t mean we can’t get outdoors. Yes I agree it wouldn’t be a good idea during torrential rain but you know those bright blue winter skies with glowing sunshine? We shouldn’t waste them! Why not work on your garden during the Winter so that you can spend more time simply enjoying it when Summer does finally come back around once again. Alyssa loves getting her wellies, gloves, hat and coat on and coming out into the garden and pottering around with me, so I thought we’d share some of our suggestions.


We try and buy really good quality gardening supplies and tools but there are still bits and pieces we need to buy each year like string and plant sticks so we know what we’re growing. Plus we have a lot of wood and decking in our garden so have to make sure we treat it so that the Winter weather doesn’t rot and destroy the garden features.

Tidy Up

Eating outside all together is wonderful to both enjoy the fresh air and one another’s company. However, when the summer ends, we kind of just jump inside and forget about the garden and that can mean a LOT of expense next year when we want to get back out there. Make sure any perishable kids toys are packed away in a shed or covered by waterproof tarpaulins, available from most hardware stores. Also, make sure to pack away any BBQs, gazebos, and soft furnishings like parasols and chair cushions.

Prep the Garden

We are really fortunate to live next door to a professional gardener who has always given us some really great tips. In late November, early December when the early morning frosts really start to set in and the temperature firmly dips, get the lawnmower and hedge trimmers out and strip everything right back, to within an inch of it’s life and thanks to the cool weather, this should keep your garden in check and under control until the weather warms up a bit again. 

Winter doesn’t always need to be about bundling up and hibernating indoors. We all need to blow away the cobwebs and the kids need a chance to burn off some energy. So grab your tools, gloves, hats and wellies and get out there and get your garden ready for the New Year.

*This is a collaborative post.

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