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Daydreams of DIY

Do you ever just day dream and plan ahead the sort of home you would like to live in or  alterations and decorating you’d like to carry out in your current home? I know I do all the time. Currently as many of you know we are renting and looking for a place to buy. I say we meaning my mum and her partner Bear  and myself and Alyssa. Now when it comes to decorating and diy it’s down to my mum and I to make plans and collect colour samples, fabric swatches and clip pictures from magazines or start boards on Pinterest. Bear isn’t into interior decorating but no matter because we are big time…

a flat lay of open paint cans in various colours with a hand stretching out over them holding a paintbrush

     Obviously at the moment we don’t exactly know where we will be living but we do know the kind of place we want, our budget and therefore the size of house we are likely to have but that doesn’t stop us from planning. We pretty much know what we are going to do in Alyssa’s room with the decor and theme, and yes it will include tutus, like mama like daughter! I have an idea for my room too with soft dreamy ice cream colours, sheer curtains and soft lighting.           

 As both my mum and I are writers we need a small study and ideally we’d like a separate dining room to kitchen. Our main desire though is to use the outdoors as another room for as much  of the year as possible. Where we are at the moment, having patio doors straight from the lounge to the garden has been an eye opener. Its so perfect for Alyssa as she plays in her play lodge or on her slide and swing, we can keep an eye on her from the comfort of the lounge should we need to. However, we have found that it makes us use the outdoor area more. Now when we move we’ve pretty much decided we want beautiful doors that fold back on themselves rather than conventional patio doors. I love to look around at different products and ideas and these trade bifold doors look to be just what we want. It’s great they come in different colours, glass thickness and different ways of folding so that basically we would end up with one side of the lounge being completely open when the doors were folded back.They also offer lots of help and advice so you order the right doors for your home which we certainly will need.a wooden floor and bare brick walls a brown wing backed arm chair in the corner with a multi-tonal brown cushion on and to the right 4 wooden dining table chairs

Maybe I have been watching too much Grand Designs programs on the t.v and not looking at all the building supplies and time it takes but the idea of stepping from lounge onto decking with furniture and patio heater for cooler nights really appeals. My mum is the gardener in the family so she has plans for pergolas and planting to offer shelter and lushness and I believe i have heard her muttering about a water feature too!

     As for Bear he mutters yes if you think that’s right or if that’s what you want as if he isn’t interested. Come the move and installation of our new doors i just know he will be the first one sitting outside of an evening or on a Sunday with a cider in hand  “resting his eyes”.

a wooden bench with green foliage behind it and on the bench is a dark blue pot with a pink flower planted in it

I know at the moment all of our ideas are just dreams but I’m a firm believer in planning for the future and having dreams to as
*This is a collaborative post

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