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15th November 2019
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18th November 2019
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It seems like almost a taboo subject, out of bounds, off limits. I don’t know about you but I have almost come to think of stopping and thinking about myself and how I can take care of me as rather self-indulgent and a bit self-involved. Actually… it isn’t. At all. In the slightest. To take a moment to stop and think of what you do for you or the last thing you did for you is actually quite important. I’m sorry to stereotype, but us women tend to be at the bottom of our own to do lists… and sometimes we don’t even feature on them at all. I’m not sure there is ever a moment where we are only thinking about one thing… getting the kids ready for school I’m thinking about what work I need to get done this morning, getting cosy and cuddly with Mr Tutu and I’m thinking I must add potatoes to my shopping list (of course I am in the moment too but there is so much to think about!!) However, if we don’t stop and take the time to do something for ourselves, we will in fact burnout and either become to frazzled to function or in a lot of cases, including mine, really poorly. I tend to work and work and slog and slog until my body gives out in a big way and then reset and start all over again. It’s time we all hopped on board the craze that is self-care and took some time for ourselves!

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I do know I am a total nightmare… I find it really hard to just stop and take a moment for myself and am constantly on the go. However, I have been really ill, like hospital ill, twice this year and could see the fear it gave the people around me to see me that ill, including Alyssa who now feels she needs to look after me too. So changes need to be made in order to ensure I stay as healthy as can be.

Of course, one of the main things I am focusing on is a healthy lifestyle. I am making sure I eat and cook good healthy recipes for all of us and not just focus on what I am feeding others and concentrate on what I eat too. I am also trying to be more active and have taken up a Tai Chi class, go walking a fair amount and am trying to do some gardening. In January, I hope to take on a small allotment as being out of doors has definitely done a lot of good for both mine and Alyssa’s mental health.vitamins out of the bottle

To make sure I am getting everything I need I have also started taking some vitamins. I am never sure if I am getting enough of everything I should, so I thought I’d try out some Epsilon Multivitamins which I have been taking for a few weeks now. I didn’t notice a difference at first but when I forgot to take them for a few days, that is when I noticed the great effect they had been having. These are now next to my kettle and have been incorporated into my morning routine as a must for helping me stay healthy – they are also vegan in case anyone was wondering. If and when I am feeling run down, there is also the option of trying products like Blessed CBD to help me along.

As I said, I find it hard not to be doing a million things at once and so if I do sit down to watch something in the evening I will also still have my phone and sit scrolling through which I really don’t want to be doing. It’s hard enough that I spend most of my days on tech thanks to my job so I really needed to learn to switch off. I am a fairly creative person so I decided to take up knitting once again. I haven’t done it for a long time but found some gorgeous wool and a pattern and am attempting to knit myself a scarf. Even if it turns out a bit dodgy and full of holes, at least I am doing something that helps me to switch off.

a ball of yarn with needles and some knitted

I feel like these are all really positive changes that I am very much enjoying. However, you don’t need to make any of these big moves, simply taking 5 minutes to drink a hot drink in peace, or making sure you can run a hot bath and shut the door for twenty minutes or read a few pages of the book you’ve been trying to read forever. It doesn’t matter what you do for you as long as you do something.

I’d really recommend my Chunky Minestrone Soup for an easy healthy recipe packed full of flavour!


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  1. Rebbecca Oddy says:

    Super article thanks for sharing

  2. Susan Johnson says:

    As I’ve aged ( 64) starting to catch up with me. I need my vigour and bounce back!
    These vitamins seem just the tonic needed along side a good healthy diet so ongoing it’s the way forward!

    I want to look like me again not my mother when I look in the mirror!