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14th November 2019
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I have never made a secret of the fact that we have always struggled with Alyssa’s sleep. Right from the very beginning, the SCBU nurses called me in at 2am to hold her because all she wanted was her mummy and to sleep on me which after the arrival she had was hardly surprising. Things never got better though we later discovered this was also due to the fact she needed her tonsils and adenoids removed which were preventing her from sleeping peacefully. Since her operation back in May, she has slept a lot better but still has the odd nightmare as children do and once or twice has had a night terror which some will know is not fun and not something you can break them out of. We were offered The Dream Pillow which is designed to help promote good dreams in our little ones.

We all want our little ones to have good dreams that take them on adventures and help them achieve the impossible. The Dream Pillow is here to help children create those good dreams we want them to have. There are 4 different designs; the original, Pinkie for funny dreams, Sharkie the Bravest to encourage confidence and Lamby who is the cuddliest and designed to help calm fears. We went with Lamby because not only is she cute but this seemed like the best for Alyssa’s nightmares.

In The Dream Pillow box you will find a little instruction sheet, the dream pillow you chose and a little cloud shaped notepad. The concept is, that a child writes or drawers a good dream they would like to have on the little cloud paper. They then pop it inside the dream pillow (it’s kind of link a hand muff in design so has a open centre) then they hug the dream pillow to sleep to help promote good dreams. It helps to create a comfort zone around your bedtime ritual.

It is all about uses the senses, all SIX of them to help your child sleep. Want to understand more? Take a look at this video;

“The video is all about how 6 Senses can help you sleep. It includes Taste, (Honey) Sound (an app) Sight (children’s sleep mask) Smell (Lavender) Touch (the soft dream pillow) and the 6th sense is all about the Common Sense which is all about encouraging your child’s mind to want to go to sleep. Which is where the using the Dream Cloud shapes and drawing the dreams and talking about them comes into practice.” For more info on the six senses read this post by Lily’s Little Learners.

This is a gorgeous, soft and plush little sleep aid which I cannot wait to try out with Alyssa. I like the concept and idea and I think it is good we are getting a little psychological when it comes to helping our children to have good dreams. Alyssa already has a comfort toy she sleeps with and I don’t think it is going to be too hard to introduce another. Plus, making a little time within our bedtime routine to draw or write a dream will be a lovely little edition that I am sure we will both enjoy and will become the norm in no time.

Suitable for ages 3+ and with an RRP of £22.94 and 100% All Natural Cotton. A bargain if this helps our children sleep peacefully.

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  1. Joanna says:

    Read your review bought Lamby for my next-door neighbour’s daughter who is having a really bad problem with night terrors. It is her favourite present because she just dreams good dreams now. Mum and Dad are chuffed too.