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Starting your own business and going self-employed is scary…believe me I know. I did it 3 months post birth as a single mum and chose to go for something that the majority of the world didn’t and still don’t think is a job. However, 4 years on I am not only still managing my business, but it is, touch wood, going from strength to strength. They say if you can survive the first 4 years of owning your own business, you’ve got a keeper, so I really hope that is the case. I did kind of jump in a little blindly; would you believe that before becoming a blogger, I had never used twitter or Instagram or even a hashtag and I thought SEO was some sort of rap artist. I know, I know… crazy right?! Well, whatever I did, worked and so I thought I’d share with you my tips on things to remember when starting your own business.
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Flat lay of business concept

So many small businesses fail within the first year and there are so many things that can lead to this. Coming up with the idea for a successful business can often be the easiest part, it’s the putting it into action that’s the problem.

Keep It Simple

When you have your concept for a business, don’t over-complicate it. Work out your end goal but then work out the goals you’re going to hit along the way. Be realistic and don’t make it too complicated. The more elaborate you get, the more expensive it can be and unless you have a pocketful of cash, this can often mean the end for fledgling businesses.a woman at a laptop and holding a phone in one hand

Don’t Forget Social Media

I read a book called “The Million Dollar Blog” which greatly changed my perception of business entirely. I am paraphrasing but one phrase stuck with me and that was you need to create content to create a community and then your community will become your customers.

Obviously being a blogger, social media is the main area where I spend my days other than on my blog. I interact, I talk, I listen and obviously I promote my blog posts and those I have been paid to write as well.

I also take on clients who’s social media I manage and blog posts I write. When first working with a new client, if they don’t already have a blog, I suggest adding one and go right back to quoting that book because to me it just made sense.

By using social media and learning how to use it to your advantage, you can make a real difference.

In Person Advertising

Obviously, social media is great for advertising but don’t forget to do it in person too. If you’re working from home or an office space, make sure people know you are there. You could use printed window decals if you want something small or go for a full shop sign if you want to make your presence known.

I also always have business cards on me because you never know who you are going to meet. I once got two new clients the first day I took Alyssa to a mother and toddler group and I happened to have my cards on me. It makes you look much more professional than a scrap of paper.


Be brave and take risks. No one got anywhere extraordinary by taking the safe road. The first brave thing I did was starting and the second was to hand my notice in and there have been a lot of other steps along the way.

At one point, one of my brave moves was admitting that something wasn’t working and going back to the drawing board and re-evaluating my strategy and coming back from a different angle.

If you’re thinking of starting a new business then, get your idea, make a plan, set your goals and go for it. I’m here if you need any help!

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