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17th December 2019
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20th December 2019

Tru Bamboo | A Review

*Ad – Gifted. All opinions are my own.
There is nothing I love more than being in the kitchen and over the next week or two I will be spending a fair amount of time in there preparing lots of delicious goodies for friends and family to enjoy over the holiday period. Mr Tutu and I will probably be enjoying most of it but I have no doubt that friends and family members, when we are visiting will be enjoying them too. Anything to make food and drink even better gets my vote, so I was delighted to receive a few items from Tru Bamboo to enhance our food experience this Christmas time.

Tru Bamboo is a British company which has 100% of its design and sales activities based in the UK. Moso bamboo is a sturdy non porous material that prevents build up of dangerous bacteria for optimum food safety. Free from chemicals and toxins. We have an ethical green manufacturing policy. Guaranteed environmentally friendly: Grown and manufactured in the South Eastern Moso forests our bamboo  has a growth rate of over 10 cm/day. They are the proud creators of the Premium Moso Bamboo Extra Large Cheese Board & Knife Set.

Cheese is always a crowd pleaser at parties, however, serving it can be a challenge when serving a variety of cheeses. Tru Bamboo’s solution provides the largest cheese cutting area available from a UK based supplier. It is big and weighty and you can feel how solid it is and what good quality it is as well. There is a hidden drawer beneath the cheeseboard where there are 4 perfectly crafted and concealed cheese knives. This is a beautiful set and will be coming out every opportunity I get!

Of course once the festivities are over there is the cleaning up to do too. I really enjoy a glass of wine with cheese but I do not enjoy trying the clean them up. I have a really beautiful set of glasses and unfortunately have already broken one because it got knocked over. However the Airdry Wine  Glass Drying Rack is just the ticket.

The AIRDRY™ Wine Glass Drying Rack holds wine glass to give your glasses a natural ‘air dries’, with a spotless surface. The AIRDRY™ wine glass holds up to 4 wine glasses of any size with the rack suspending each piece of stemware well above the counter to give them plenty of air circulation for each glass, so they dry naturally with a crystal clear surface. (or spot and streak free finish)

The stable, no-tip design, soft-touch rubber fingers provide a gentle, secure cradle for the base of each glass. The wine glasses balance securely on the rack to avoid accidental knocks. The non-skid bottom keeps the stand stable and wine glasses safe. No worry of tipping due to careful engineering.


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