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Discover Cars | Car Rental Comparison Site

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When travelling around the country, it’s important to have reliable transport and it might not necessarily be your own. In the last few months, I moved to a new house and needed to rent a bigger vehicle for the job. A lot of people are always up and down the country for business and fly to get there, meaning that they need a car at the other end. It’s hard to know sometimes where to go for the right car and the best deal. I tried out Discover Cars, a price comparison site for car rentals.

When you need a car, for your vacation, adventure, or a business trip, Discover Cars supports you through the whole rental process—before, during, and after. They’ll help you find just what you want, for the best price. Their service is easy to use, and there are plenty of car options to choose from.

Clicking onto the main homepage, you are greeted with a standard search bar. You can type in roughly the location you wish to collect from as well as the dates and times for collection and drop off.

Discover Cars will then do a search to find cars available for you at that pickup point. If no cars are available, you are able to change the parameters of your search to help you find a car in the area you are looking for. Before you start looking don’t forget to think about all the things you’ll need;

  • Car type
  • Full coverage
  • Number of Days
  • Fuel policy etc.

On the main search results page, you are able to filter the results to suit your needs e.g. air conditioning, manual/automatic etc. Each result gives you the basic information about the vehicle and the price.

You are then able to click on each individual listing to get more information about the hire service. Tells you the name and location of the hire service, what is included and also the option to go for full coverage when booking.

Full coverage is always advisable when booking a rental car. If you only have basic insurance and get into an accident, you could be liable for part or all of the deductible/excess under the insurance plan. Full Coverage covers your deductible/excess, towing expenses, major repair costs, and more. With full coverage it is easy to make a claim and if you happen to cancel your booking you will also receive a full refund.

There are also optional extras available including an additional driver on the rental agreement and GPS or even the rental of a baby or child seat which is great for families on the go.

You can then simply complete your details, pay the deposit and book with the remaining balance payable on the day of pick up.

Discover Cars is a super simple comparison site to use and seems to be one of the best way to compare over 500+ trusted car rental providers and make sure that you get the best price when looking to hire a vehicle be it for business or pleasure.

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