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16th December 2019
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4 ways to upgrade your home for coastal living

a picture of an empty swanage beach in dorset during the winter
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When you live by the coast, it can mean that you experience some extremes. Some days are beautiful and sunny, while others are blustery and stormy. Whether you’ve just moved to a coastal home or you’ve been by the coast for a while, making sure your home is suitable for the area, both inside and out, is a good idea. As well as protecting your home from the weather, you can make design choices that ensure your home looks amazing. Upgrading your home for coastal living doesn’t have to involve much. A few changes and you could have a home that you love more than ever.

Choose a light colour scheme

If you want to give your home a new look that’s suitable for the area, choosing a light colour scheme is a great idea. Pastel colours, stonewashed shades and neutral naturals are all good choices. By choosing light colours, you can create a home that maximises light, which is perfect for many coastal homes that are lucky enough to get lots of sunshine. In addition, you can also bring the shades of the coast into your home. Get inspiration from the beaches, cliffs, blue sky, and flora and fauna that you can see around you.

Give yourself a better viewa picture of durdle door in dorset looking down on a sunny day

Can you see the sea from your house? It’s amazing to be able to look outside at the ocean, so you wouldn’t want to get in your own way. If you could technically have a sea view but something is blocking it, you might want to change that. There are obviously some things that you can’t move, but there are also things that you can change. For example, you can trim back trees, bushes and other greenery to ensure it’s not blocking your view. It’s a simple way to ensure you get maximum pleasure from looking out your window. A conservatory can also maximise your coastal view, with a tiled roof giving you protection from the elements.

Protect your home from the coastal weather

Another way to adapt your home to coastal living is to make sure it’s protected from the weather. It can be very windy on the coast, and your home can get hit by sea spray and plenty of debris from all directions too. One of the best ways to protect your home is to turn your attention to your windows. Fitting triple glazed windows in your Dorset home can give it the protection that you need to avoid any damage. The tough glass that won’t break easily and they will ensure your home is well insulated too.

Bring the beach indoors

The coast doesn’t have to stay outside your front door. You can bring it inside too and make your home look even more coastal. Some ways of doing this can include literally bringing the outside inside. Collecting pieces of seaglass or driftwood can give you some pretty items to display in your home. You can also make design choices to reflect the outdoors, such as using natural materials with the colours and textures of the coast.

a pebble beach with 3 deck chairs on and glistening sea with a seagull flying past

Upgrade your home for coastal living to give a new look and protect it from the fickle coastal weather.

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