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The Ultimate Guide to the 5 Best Zoos in the UK

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Zoos have long been first choice for days out among families –and it’s fairly obvious why. After all, this is a place where you can meet rare animals and learn more about the different species that we share the planet with. But which ones offer the best day out?
Let’s explore the top five here…

  1. Chester Zoo

It’s the UK’s biggest zoo! Chester Zoo is home to an array of animals, from aardvarks to zebras – so, if you want to enjoy a full day of meeting creatures, head here. It doesn’t just provide a living space for animals. It’s also the site of major research; its team of experts are dedicated to solving issues like climate change and species extinction.

  1. Bristol Zoo

Not just a vibrant city, Bristol offers a range of unique family activities, including a high rope adventure and an urban farm. And when it comes to fun experiences, Bristol zoo is the place to be. Thanks to its wealth of animals, you and the kids are free to explore the animal kingdom in all its glory – in one place!

  1. Whipsnade Zoo

If you’re an animal-lover, you’ll no doubt have heard of Whipsnade Zoo! Owned by ZSL (Zoological Society of London), it’s the more spacious of the society’s two zoos. It’s therefore home to larger creatures, like bears and elephants. Though located slightly outside of the capital in Bedfordshire, it’s easy to reach by car or public transport. Better still, its experts are committed to protecting wildlife.

  1. London Zoo

The second of ZSL’s zoos – this gem of an activity space is based in Regent’s Park. If you’re a film enthusiast, you’ll have most likely seen it in Withnail and I, where the protagonist recites Hamlet in front of the wolf enclosure. Whether you’re a movie buff or not, London Zoo is an exceptional venue for a day out. It hosts a variety of animals – giraffes, hippos, to name a few. London Zoo discounts also mean that you and the family can meet exotic animals for less.

Just imagine! Given its location, it provides the ideal family adventure, as you can wander through the beautiful park itself before heading to the zoo.

  1. Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Fancy a wildlife adventure like no other? Then Yorkshire Wildlife Park could be the place for you and your family! See tigers, lions and other magnificent creatures up close as you walk through its grounds. And even better, you’ll be contributing to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, which inspires people of all ages to protect the planet and rare species.

With so many excellent zoos in the UK, it can be tricky to select just one to visit. After having explored our top five, though, you’re guaranteed to choose the perfect one for your upcoming family day out.

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