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12th December 2019
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What Are Your Christmas Traditions?

Putting on silly hats? Going away? Having a neighbourhood party? We all have our own Christmas traditions, whether they be personal or with family. This year for the first time ever I will not be with my relatives at Christmas but instead spending time with my new little family and visiting both Mr Tutu’s relatives and mine. My Christmases have always been very the same because we found what we liked and we stuck with it. This year will be a totally new experience for me. I am a little nervous actually because I want to make sure I maintain the magic that I have always felt at Christmas whilst also making sure it is just as special for Alyssa and Mr Tutu.  We have both always done Christmas differently and this year we will be bringing our own versions together and it made me stop and think about what Christmas traditions I have and that I can bring with me into this new era of Christmas.

1. Decoration – each year I go and choose a brand new singular decoration for the tree. We have a tree in the living room this year which is very traditional with red, gold and green decorations. In her bedroom, Alyssa has her own pink Christmas tree with pink and turquoise decorations. I will let her choose a decoration for both and also bought Mr Tutu a special decoration this year to mark our first proper Christmas together as a family as last year, we didn’t spend it together.

2. Decorating the Tree – When decorating the tree, no matter what the date, we have to be playing Christmas music in the background that we can sing along to and this year was no exception and it was lovely to have us all singing along.

3. Advent Calendars – I have had one every year for as long as I can remember and I thought this might be the first year I didn’t until Mr Tutu came home with a Lindt advent calendar for me…boy done good. This year we actually got Alyssa a fabric Fairy Princess advent calendar that we filled with sweets and bath bombs so that it will last for years to come.

4. Santa – Alyssa is the perfect age for enjoying Santa and we were fortunate to see him this year at Longleat Festival of Light which was also incredible. It truly was a magical moment.

5. Food – Usually I go and do one big shop in the middle of the night with my mum. This year, I have gradually gotten bits each time I have done a weekly food shop to spread the cost and done an online frozen party food order as well and can’t wait to eat all the delicious food.

6. Good Night – Alyssa and I already read books together and I am looking forward to reading her “Twas the night before Christmas” which I have included in her Christmas Eve box this year. We will also be hanging out a stocking and leaving something for Santa which Alyssa is adamant needs to be a carrot, mince pie and milk.

7. Board Games – At some point over the festive period, we do all try and sit down and play boards games together, and Mr Tutu and I and all our family love board games so we will definitely be making some time for these.

8. Pantomime – I can still remember my first pantomime, Peter Pan, and I can still remember the feeling of magic when all the fairies appeared dancing round the room and I can remember that too and maintain to this day that I do believe in Fairies. This year, I finally feel like Alyssa is old enough and we are fortunate that we will be seeing both Jack and the Beanstalk and… Peter Pan!

a man writing a sign saying merry christmas surrounded by pine cones and a hot chocolate. Shot from above so only his hands

Christmas is an amazing time of year and traditions help keep it that way… we keep old ones and make new ones all the time at every event in our lives. I don’t think it matters how big or small your Christmas is, as long as you can have a smile on your face and be with the one’s you love.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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