#ABloggingGooodTime Week 58
17th August 2017
#LuckyLinky Week 23
21st August 2017
There was nothing I used to love more than getting dressed up and sitting with a bunch of friends drinking delicious cocktails all night. I enjoyed it for a long time – right from University through to when I found out I was expecting Alyssa. The good thing about cocktails is that there are so many you are bound to find one you like. Since having Alyssa, I have only had 1 cocktail (I know that’s actually criminal!!) and that was on my birthday last year – in case you were wondering, it was a Long Island Iced Tea which is my absolute all time favourite cocktail ever, which also happens to be one of THE MOST alcoholic too! One of main reasons I haven’t had any cocktails is because I simply don’t go out out anymore. I don’t have friends locally at all, we all live a fair distance from each other and the other reason is we’re all Mamas who are very much about our kiddies at the moment. I’m fine with that, as it was a different stage in my life and I do enjoy the odd G&T at home now but am very conscious of the fact I have to okay if Alyssa needs me so I rarely bother….

Imagine my sheer excitement and delight when someone known only to me as “The Cocktail Man” got in touch and  asked me if I’d like to try his new cocktail subscription box. I of course answered “Hell Yeah” at which point the mysterious box landed in front of me (okay it arrived a day or two later in the post) and the cocktail guy disappeared into a cloud of smoke – very mysterious.

So, I received this dainty little white box with simple print and it felt quite heavy and I could hear a clink so it’s a good job that there had been “fragile” on the packaging as I’d have possibly maimed the postie if he had broken this package. Inside, wrapped in beautiful black tissue paper was a little embossed envelope with a recipe card inside and beneath this, some gorgeous little glass bottles, labelled with their potent filling waiting to be mixed. I was sent all the ingredients to make

a “Butterfly Martini,” a cocktail I have never tried before and was even sent little delicate white paper butterflies with which to decorate the glasses.

It was a fairly simple process – in a cocktail shaker (I now don’t own one of these but did you know a children’s juice beaker works just as well?! Make sure you rinse thoroughly afterwards) I added some ice and then poured all the ingredients over the ice. I gave it a little shake until I felt the liquid was really cool and then dispensed into two glasses (there’s always enough for two in a box!) and added my little butterflies – I should say right now that I do not own martini glasses, or even wine glasses, due to my lack of drinking now so, I am showing you the finished product glass shot from The Cocktail Man himself, cheers!

The cocktail was delicious – strong as cocktails should be, delicious from the strawberry flavoring and looked pretty to boot. There was only 1 problem – it was gone all too quickly!! However,  I now have the recipe card being kept safely and plan to have the ingredients in stock at all times. I think this is such a great idea for a subscription box AND the best part is they do a GIN one too! There are also several little one-off boxes you can get as well. How someone hasn’t done a cocktail box before is beyond me, but you Mr Cocktail Man, are a legend!



1 Box for 1 Winner Containing 1 Cocktail–  no monetary exchange available, NOT repeated monthly
Contest is open until 03/09/2017
Distribution of  prizes is the responsibility of The Cocktail Man
 Mummy in a Tutu cannot be held responsible for lost prizes
This post was written in collaboration with The Cocktail Man– all opinions are my own
All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn
UK Entrants Only
The competition is in no way connected or affiliated with Facebook


  1. louise bailes says:

    This is an amazing prize!

  2. maria gill says:

    Yes Please! This looks amazing! Thank you for the opportunity.x

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