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29th November 2019
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3rd December 2019
*The tree was sent for the purposes of the review – all opinions are our own.
I love Christmas, I always have and can’t imagine ever not loving it. It is just so special and with so many family traditions that we follow, adapt and introduce each year it just makes it lovely. I have to say I am enjoying having a little one who loves Christmas as well as it just seems to spur me on even more. One of my fondest memories as a child is of decorating the Christmas tree with my sister and then afterwards, getting my mum to “fix-it” so that it looked perfect. As an adult I haven’t changed, so I put a little fake tree in Alyssa’s room she could decorate and change as she liked and then we needed something for the main room. The Christmas Forest very generously sent us a beautiful tree this year to absolutely kick our Christmas off with a bang…

The Christmas tree really does become the central feature of a home once it is up and I know that some people get annoyed with all the “look at my tree” posts on social media but not me – I love it! I love seeing all the different ways people choose to decorate their trees and find myself eager to share my own.As I said, the lovely people over at The Christmas Forest generously offered to give me a beautiful Christmas tree this year.

“The Christmas Forest was founded in 1998 on a small site in Richmond. With ten stores and an online service, we remain a family business committed to providing real, sustainable Christmas trees. That said, the Christmas Forest is London’s favourite independent retailer – or treetailer – of real Christmas trees.

Our carefully chosen trees are all prime quality, selected for health, shape and fullness. They are freshly cut, so they will drink more water allowing them to look fresher for longer. They come from sustainable Christmas tree farms where every tree cut is replaced by a new one – and we work hard to buy as locally as possible to reduce tree miles.

Our ongoing partnership with Tree Aid is very important to us and for every tree you buy from us, we plant a tree in the drylands of Africa through its projects, helping provide a livelihood to some of the poorest communities on earth.

Thanks to our customers, over the last 12 years we have helped to grow 232,275 trees, help us reach our target of 300,000!”

As I don’t live near London, I chose to get my tree delivered to me, along with a tree stand. I’d never even considered a tree could be delivered before and the thought of not trying to get it into my car and out again and into my house filled me with even more Christmas spirit. I was having delivered a 6ft Nordmann No Drop Fir Tree and I was super excited.

When it arrived it was fully wrapped in net but also in a plastic cover and was slightly wet and smelt beautiful and fresh. It was super easy to unwrap and pop straight into the stand ready for decorating.

We had so much fun decorating as always. The only stressful part about getting a tree is the getting it home and into the house and The Christmas Forest took all that away. I would definitely recommend using this service AND I will be returning next year for sure!

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