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28th May 2018
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30th May 2018
I am definitely a summer person. There is nothing I used to love more pre-child than lying on a sunbed with a good book and soaking in the rays. It always makes me feel better when I am in the sunshine. Now I am a Mummy it’s not quite as relaxing as it once was  but it is still definitely my favourite season. After the faff of making sure my milky skinned beauty is covered in sun cream from head to toe and has her waterproof shoes on and hat then there is nothing I love more than sitting in the garden with her whilst she has a whale of a time. I’ll often join her in the paddling pool or I’ll sit and work under the parasol and listen to the squeals of delight from her and her cousins….

Alyssa in a wooden boat in the garden

One of the things that we love most about the summer is the time we spend in the garden not only with each other but with the rest of our friends and family. We have a very large, extended, at times rather complicated, family but that makes for absolutely gorgeous times spent in the garden.Alyssa and Lily going down the slide in the garden

Recently we had a huge group over and Alyssa loved nothing more than running round the garden with her cousins and jumping in and out of the paddling pool whilst us adults all sat under the parasol watching the fun. We enjoyed ice lollies, delicious food from the BBQ and all the laughs we had. a solar light in a garden next to purple flowers

I was looking round the garden during this and was thinking that I wanted to make some changes to the garden to make it even better throughout the summer. I think we are pretty sorted for the children – we have the amazing Sailing Boat Sand Pit, we have slides and a swing (we do need to replace the swing and climbing frame as it’s a bit small now) and a lovely paddling pool.

We’re also okay for seating as well and are fortunate to have a gorgeous big parasol. However, I feel like we need some finishing touches just to make it perfect for those later summer afternoons and evenings where it stays light until your eyes close. I was looking for a close up of orange/red flowerssome nice outdoor lights – perhaps some solar ones to dot around the edges of the garden. I think it would be good to get some citronella candles as well for evenings where we just don’t come in and stay outside under blankets with drinks in the candle light.

With having so many children in the family too, of all ages, it would be good to get some nice outdoor dinnerware that isn’t breakable. Yes we could just get some bog standard plastic plates but I think it would be much nicer to get a full set with the plates, cups, bowl, jug etc just to finish off our summer family days. Plus we could then use these for the beach etc. too.

alyssa playing at a water table in a yellow dress and summer hat smiling at the camera

Of course we still have to work during the summer (that was one of the better parts about being a teacher!!)  but that doesn’t mean we have to work every day. My little one is always so much healthier and happier in the summer and that makes for a happier mama too. So, we’re going to take every opportunity this summer to enjoy time outside with our lovely family and friends.

How have you got your garden ready for the summer?

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