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24th August 2021
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Staying In Your Own Home

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*This is a collaborative post.

Although I am young and fit and healthy I do often concern myself with what the future holds. One of the things I think about is finding that perfect family home. Falling in love with the bricks and mortar and creating a safe comfortable space for myself and my family. It may be sentimental and foolish but I would like to think that when I find that place, that house will be my forever home. I want it to be exactly that “forever” 

a house at sunset

A few years back a friend of mine had gone through a very painful experience of having to find her mum a bungalow as she had a fall and then was no longer able to continue in their family home. 

This was a house that she and her two brothers have grown up in, in fact her youngest brother was born there, quite by accident! They have had Birthdays and Christmases there, laughed there, cried there and as one of her brothers had said all had chicken pox together there too! So saying goodbye to it far too early was difficult. 

For their mum the wrench was even greater. After marrying she and her husband bought the house, it was a little run down and the garden was incredibly overgrown. But together they crafted it into a home and there they had three children and watched them grow and then fly the nest. Sadly her husband passed away and my friend’s mum then wrapped herself up in her home and the memories it held. But then she came to a time when she had to leave it behind, but only because the stairs after her fall had become impossible to manage. 

I have alway envied my friend as through my childhood we moved multiple times and although there were houses I loved and some not so much. My friends’ stories and memories were quite romantic really and sometimes darn right hilarious about the antics and memories she and her family had about that house. 

That’s what I would like for myself and my family if possible. But when I grow older what can I do to ensure I can stay in my home for as long as I want? Make sure it’s a bungalow? That didn’t fit the dream, and I had lived in a bungalow and didn’t care much for it. 

After doing a little research “ like I do” I settled my mind and curiosity. Because you can have lifts built into the most average of houses – lifts for home use! Not like a disability lift or a store lift with sliding metal doors and a woman’s voice say “ going up” but beautiful bespoke attractive lifts, with eco silent drive systems that you can choose the colour of. I mean wow that’s it! I can find my forever home and know it really will be forever. 

All I need to do is make sure the house has a tree in the back garden now, one big enough for a swing,…. Or maybe I’m taking the dream a little too far!?

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