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16th August 2021
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24th August 2021

Choosing To Cruise

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*This is a collaborative post.

I have friends that have taken cruise ship holidays and enjoyed the whole experience. I also have friends that would not travel any other way but by cruise ship.

Until now it had not been something I would have considered for my holiday, because I have visions of very expensive holidays and having to buy reams of evening gowns to wear for evening dinner etc. I also always questioned the sustainability of cruising.

So after spending an evening with a dear friend who had just booked the most amazing holiday with Ambassador Cruise Line I thought maybe it was time to have a look at what cruising has to offer in these modern times and would it work for me with a child.

I have been very pleasantly surprised to find that I don’t need 10 ball gowns although if I wanted to take some to wear for dinner there are restaurants on board when an evening gown would be very fitting, but also there are places to eat when just normal holiday attire are the norm.

I was also surprised to find that a cruise can be purchased as a package deal and this I find very attractive as there are no hidden costs, and these can include beverages.

I would of course need my spending money like any other holiday, but food and drink are all taken care of just like a package deal if you jetted off to Spain. Now this has quite possibly been the case for years but I have only just crept out from under my “ I only fly to holiday destinations “ stone and I’m actually a bit blown away by what modern day cruises have to offer.

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I guess for me one of the best things about cruising would be getting cosily tucked up in bed and waking in the morning to being in a completely different destination than the days before! I find this most appealing as I do find travelling between destinations a bit of a time wasting experience, so if I can do this while I sleep then wow! I’m a happy lady!

And while you are onboard it would be impossible to be bored, with the choices of things to do from arts and crafts to dancing, dining and comedy shows. Live music, gyms ( cough cough no thank you I’m on holiday!) guest speakers , book clubs as well as sunning yourself and relaxing of course to swimming, massage and there are even decks just for games! 

And then on top of all of that fun and excitement you get to visit lots of different destinations while on the same holiday!

I have now also realised that modern cruise ships are much more environmentally friendly than they used to be. They have much more energy efficient engines and  that for me is an even bigger plus.

So my friends are absolutely right, it seems cruising is one of  the best ways to holiday!

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