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22nd April 2017
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23rd April 2017

Review: Kurio Watch – The New Smart Watch for Kids!

I am a total lover of technology – well you kind of need to be if you are a blogger really don’t you?! I was heartbroken when my phone finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago but luckily had an old stand in until my upgrade is due. Then of course there is my tablet and my laptop and my semi-digital camera. I did a GCSE in computers and I am so thankful I did because I think I did it just at the right moment, when computers were becoming the big thing and I have managed to keep up with most of it since (though I am by no means an expert!) However, already kicking my butt in the technology department at the ripe old age of 10, is my nephew Rowan who is a technology fiend. He is top of his class in computers and could talk the hind legs off a donkey about anything and everything computers and gaming. So, when Kurio asked me to review their new Kurio Watch – Smartwatch for kids, I knew who I needed to turn to…

rowan leaning against a red brick wall with his hand and the blue kurio watch on it

“Kurio is a dedicated children’s consumer electronics brand delivering adult quality interactive experiences but on hardware and software platforms conceived with kids in mind. The KurioWatch is the perfect addition to the range, it’s not a toy and it’s not a device for parents to track and monitor their children. It’s simply the ultimate smart watch for kids.”

For something that does so much I am surprised it wasn’t bigger but  this neat little watch sat perfectly at home on Rowan’s wrist and he was able to do so much – notice that he really liked the games! Here is a little bit more technical “mum and dad” information that Rowan didn’t mention:rowan wearing the kurio watch leaning against a fence

  • It has a “Quick Start” feature meaning they just have to hold down the home screen and it boots up.
  • Easy Navigation – a simple swipe will get them where they want to go
  • They can customise with cool themes
  • Connect to Friends – this will bring note passing to a whole new level!
  • It has a translator which would be great for holidays
  • There’s an activity tracker too encouraging kids to get out and get active!

As you can see from the vlog it has lots of games to master including Ninja Roll and the Air Music app which will get them moving and shaking all over the place. They can also connect the watch, which comes in blue or pink, to other devices such as phones and tablets so that they can also use the phone and messaging features too.

When I got to have a look at it, my favourite part were the add ons you could put on selfies to make them even funnier than they already are!

Thanks so much to Kurio for letting us try out their amazing new Smartwatch. Not only did Rowan thoroughly enjoy it (and now won’t take it off I might add) but you also made me a pretty damn popular Aunty too – major cool points to me!

If you like the sound of the Kurio Watch and want to grab one for your little tech wizard then you can…

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