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22nd April 2017
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23rd April 2017

A Few of my Favourite Things!

Now  I must admit to being a terrible blogger. Yup that’s right I am awful. I have been tagged in many things over the 17 months I have been blogging and rarely have I remembered to write the post or do the video. In fact I can only thing of two occasions off the top of my head where I did in fact complete the task – introducing “how to be a terrible blogger!” So when the lovely Sarah over at Mumzilla asked if anyone would join in her new “My 5 Favourite Things” blogger tag I was bloody determined to raise my hand annnnnddddd actually do the sodding post too!
a teddy bear a canon camera a woolen blanket a pile of cooks and unicorn slippers
a laptop in the background open on a table. in front of it on a doily is a steaming cup of coffee in a white cup and saucer
SO, basically the idea is that you find 5 things in your life of around your house that you really love, grab a photo of them and then write all about them. You also have to grab the badge too so we all know where the idea came from and you can get that here. Then you need to tag three more people to carry it on! I’m tagging:

Now onto my favourite things whatever they may be…

a grey teddy bear against a blue stripe background


It had to be him. My old teddy has been with me since the day I was born and still sits on my bed today. Alyssa is very cute about him. If she comes in my room she will grab anything and everything, particularly my make-up but when it comes to Ted, she picks him up and hands him to me and goes “For You Mama!” I think she realises he is to me what her Mimmie is to her.

unicorn slippers with a gold horn and rainbow mane on a cream rug. bare legs in the slippers

Unicorn Slippers

Those that know me well will know how obsessed I am with Unicorns (I know I know following the pack!!) and I got a huuugggeee amount of unicorn stuff for my birthday including a glass, 3 cushions, a unicorn cuddly toy, pyjamas, a pen, a mug and these slippers. So despite being relatively new in my life they are a firm favourite in my current list of favourite things. I know you’re all jealous and want a pair right?! Shhhhh, they’re in Primarni!

a crochet knit multi coloured blanket on a bed with a pillow and the bed head blurred in the background with a lamp to the left

Snuggly Blanket

I have a lot of blankets in my house because I got given and bought a lot for Alyssa and they appear to be things we collect or accumulate. My absolute favourite is one of my nans. She passed away five years ago now and yet if I curl up underneath it, I swear I can still smell her smell. Its not particularly pretty as it is a random collection of colours all crocheted together but it does the job if I want comfort or to snuggle!

a stack of books


Despite having very little time to read anymore and having a tablet, I still prefer reading and buy ACTUAL books. There is something about the smell and feel of them and because I spend so much time on my computer and tablet for work it is nice to shut off the electrical goods and kick back with a book, especially in the bath. I have a copy of every single book ever written by author Susan Lewis as well as all the Harry Potters and then some from my childhood such as Malory Towers and St. Clares which I hope one day Alyssa will want to read too.

a  canon camera facing forward on a wooden table with light reflecting off of it


Finally, it has to be my Canon Camera that I got for Christmas. It was completely unexpected and such a wonderful gift to receive. I rarely leave home without it as I never know what the day will bring and when there will be another opportunity to use it and take some wonderful photos to share on Instagram or just for me. I do however think I should print a PRESS PASS off pretty soon because I do keep getting some pretty strange looks about why on earth I am photographing everything and anything!

There you have it folks, those are a few of my favourite things. I could quite easily have picked “Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens” but decided to get a bit more personal. By sharing these with you, hopefully it gives you a better insight into me and it will encourage you to share some of your favourite things with me too. I am also mega chuffed that I have ACTUALLY completed a blogger tag – mini wave and woohoo to me people. So come on and tell me, what area few of your favourite things?!

a teddy bear a canon camera a woolen blanket a pile of cooks and unicorn slippers


  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks Katie! Love all these & need those slippers!!

    • Mummy in a Tutu says:

      they are amazing!! Primarni £8 – total bargain. They also have a unicorn onesie, pjs and dressing gown just fyi! x