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8th May 2018
Welcome to #ABloggingGoodTime Week 92
10th May 2018
We all know how addicted I am to Alyssa’s wardrobe. Of course it helps that the little minx loves clothes just as much as I like shopping for her and dressing her. She doesn’t let me have a huge amount of control over what she wears each day now as she likes to choose colours or pieces which I think is fair enough – if she wants to express herself and as long as she doesn’t look like she’s crawled out of the wardrobe wearing everything she owns then I’m fine with that. She also love sitting on my lap and having a look online at clothes stores and when I’m buying something, I always let her have a look through and give her some options she can choose from. So, when Debenhams got in touch and asked us if we’d like to review some of the new Ted Baker’s Girls Dresses for Spring and Summer, I am not sure who was more excited…

So, yes that’s right I have a little girl who likes to shop online and she is only two and a half years old – I’ve warned her father she is going to rinse him when she’s older! So when we were asked by Debenhams to review the Ted Baker’s Girls Dresses for Spring and Summer I loaded up the page on my tablet and we had a look through them together.

Obviously I know what suits her and what doesn’t so I did try and steer her a little but I did want to make sure she got dresses that she loved. Firstly, she decided that she wanted a pink dress(because of course she loves wearing pink and is a really girly girl) so I pulled up all the pink dresses for her to look through.

So her first pick was this gorgeous Pink Shirt Dress – do you want to know the reason she picked it? Because of the the “Oooo sparkly shiny buttons!” Which I personally thought was adorable. This shirt dress has heart shaped rose-gold/copper coloured shiny buttons all the way down the front. It has beautifully pleated cap sleeves and a slightly pleated skirt. It also has the lovely little bow details on the front, either side of the central buttons.

I thought perhaps the buttons might come undone easily but they didn’t they stayed done up well. Just touching the dress you can feel the quality. The material is cotton stretch – meaning it is nice and soft against her skin, but more importantly will grow and stretch with her which is perfect for our little ones who are growing so fast!

We teamed it with a gorgeous floral headband, so white frilly socks and some summer sandals. Perfect for a glorious spring or summer day!

The second dress she wanted to pick had to have something to do with flowers apparently because flowers are pretty and I suggested she choose a dress she’d like to wear to the disco when we go on holiday to Greece later in the year. So, she ended up choosing this White & Floral Asymmetric Dress which is a really different style for her!

It is an absolutely gorgeous little dress. It is a white dress with various coloured flowers and greenery spaced all over it. It has a single strap on one shoulder which is quite a wide strap which was a bonus as I was worried it would look a bit too old for her. Around the neckline their is a lovely little pleated frill in the same fabric which goes up and over the other shoulder to make a little capped sleeve.

The dress flares out as it does down so makes a great dress for twirly twirling or so I am told. What you also don’t realise is that it is lined which will be perfect for the evenings which are slightly cooler on holiday!

Honestly, had I let her she probably would have bought the lot as all I kept hearing was… and that one and that one and that one. Thankfully I had control of the final basket! However, I think no matter what colouring suits your child or what style they or you like, you will find something for them in the Baker by Ted Baker girls range. The quality is undeniable and if you have other girls in the family you will definitely be able to pass them down as these dresses are made to last!

Shop Ted Baker Girls Dresses Here

*This blogpost is part of a Debenhams Ted Baker dresses campaign. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. These are gorgeous! I didn’t know Ted Baker did children’s clothes! The are absolutely gorgeous! xx

  2. Lovely clothes. She has good taste. ? #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Ooh lovely! My girls love dresses too!! #ablogginggoodtime

  4. Beautiful, love the floral one! #ablogginggoodtime

  5. crummymummy1 says:

    I do love Ted Baker for kids stuff – so cute! #ablogginggoodtime

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