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PJ Masks PJ Seeker Review

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We have always been huge fans of the PJ Masks. I always calling the Power Rangers for the preschool division… but possibly with slightly better animation than what I used to watch as a child. We have been fortunate enough to review quite a few products from the PJ Masks toy range including Romeo’s Lap, the PJ Masks HQ Playset, the PJ Masks Luna Rocket and many others. When we were asked to review the new PJ Masks PJ Seeker we were delighted to see what new adventures lay in store for us!

The PJ Masks PJ Seeker is HUGE. It is a big toy for your money and would be great as a ‘main’ present for Christmas or Birthdays. This is a 9 piece set as you receive the cabin of the seeker, the main body of the seeker and then 7 other pieces. These pieces are a searchlight with bridge platform, holder for the claw crane, the claw crane itself, 2 bridge side panels, a satellite, a shooter, one disc to shoot out of the shooter and a cage too. Inside the cage, there is a PJ masks cardboard cut out. You do receive a Catboy and a car for Catboy with other vehicles and figures listed as being sold separately, though sadly you don’t get a Romeo figure like it looks like you do on the box.

The PJ Masks PJ Seeker has a detachable cabin, which you can drive around on it’s own. This cabin fits up to three 7cm PJ Mask figures inside. In the back of the PJ Seeker you can store a mixture of different vehicles, and it is compatible with lots of the PJ Mask vehicles. The detachable cabin is ideal for role play, as you can detach the cabin from the carrier and escape enemies!

The PJ Masks PJ Seeker is great fun. It comes with detailed instructions but I was able to build everything by looking at the box that the PJ Seeker came in. There’s no major assembly except for the bridge platform has to be clicked in and a few bits popped on, and no stickers to apply. I personally think the PJ Seeker is really user-friendly and it is simple for little ones to see how this works.

The *PJ Masks PJ Seeker IS really fun. It has a ramp, it can throw a disc, there is a searchlight and it plays (quietly) some noises too. It is interactive, and Alyssa has had hours of fun with it! I’d really recommend! RRP £69.99 and a great main gift!

We also received the Gecko and Owlette Power Racer Vehicles which come with a figure each too and have an RRP of £13.99. The PJ Masks Power Racers are the ultimate racing vehicles featuring a stocky design, deluxe accents and extra-large wheels! These were great fun but it should be noted that whilst “most” vehicles are compatible and fit inside the PJ Masks PJ Seeker, the Owlette Power Racer does NOT once it has it’s wings on. These can be taken on and off but it is a bit of a struggle so you may want to get the Moon Rover for example instead.

These toys are now available in most Smyths Toy Stores and can be purchased or reserved online.

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