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Birthday Gift Guide for Little Girls

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It seems like only yesterday I met my little girl when she made a somewhat rushed and early entrance into this world (Read Alyssa’s Arrival here) and yet now she is turning 4 and starting school in September. I seem to have blinked and suddenly acquired a rather sassy child as opposed to the baby I still see in my minds eye. So, what do you get a 4-year-old not so little girl for her birthday? Well, I had a few ideas and so I popped them into this gift guide for you.

My Little World

Alyssa is a real creative and can spend hours making, colouring, baking etc. so these amazing new sustainable and eco-friendly toys from My Little World are perfect. The company aims to help children and parents reduce screen time and media use during play time by offering alternative solutions to spark imagination. Using simple tools such as drawings, card and colouring pencils to create their own imaginative worlds as they bring their adventures to life. The sets come in 6 designs; Airport, Christmas time, Emergency Services, Fairy Village, Space Station Foxtrot and Village High Street.

Green Board Games

Now that she is getting that little bit older, Alyssa really is starting to love Board Games, though is less keen on NOT winning. Green Board Games sent us one of their amazing Brainbox game boxes, which is a set of cards with images on one side and questions on the other to help develop life skills. We got the farm themed game! This range of games starts at 4+ and features a wide variety of topics making it one of the most exciting and engaging games out there. The cards fit into a small cube meaning they’re great to take on your travels too!

Jumbo Games

Let’s face it, who hasn’t seen the new Toy Story 4?! I cried like a baby and Alyssa went with her dad and step-mum to go and watch it and really loved it. If you did too then you don’t want to miss out on the Toy Story 4 puzzles from Jumbo Games. They are one of the leading puzzle companies in the UK and their latest range features ALL the top characters from Disney/Pixar’s hit Toy Story 4. The puzzle range starts from 3+ and is another great break from screen time after you watch the film!

Super Wings

When I was a kid I had this really cool fairy that when you pulled a cord, she jumped into the air and would spin and fly back down to the ground and I am so glad these kind of toys still exist. Alpha Animations have brought us the educational kids TV show  Super Wings and of course with it comes their amazing range of toys including their High Flying Jett which when the cord is pulled, flies up into the air before coming back down to the ground for us to do all over again! A great toy that will last all summer long.

Unicorn Mood Light

My little one is growing up and is currently bang on trend loving all things pink, fluffy, glittery and of course anything unicorn. This enchanting colour-changing unicorn light by Disaster Designs will add a magical atmosphere to Alyssa’s room. It will make a gorgeous, soft night light and I am super tempted to get one for my desk too! This unicorn has been given a somewhat elegant makeover with origami folds and straight lines and emits a lovely soft glow which switches between 7 colours or allows you to choose your favourite… I have a feeling ours will be set on pink!


We were really fortunate that a little while ago, we reviewed the Lunii Audio Reader which was and still is a huge hit with Alyssa. However, sometimes I don’t always want to listen along too as I have work to get done but I have worried about giving Alyssa headphones and damaging her ears. The Octave Lunii Audio Headset is the perfect companion for the My Fabulous Storyteller. The double jack means that several people can listen at once. The maximum volume has been adjusted to protect young children’s hearing, they give out no emissions and have a detachable cord. They are also foldable and much more flexible meaning they are harder to break! Now she can enjoy her stories and I can concentrate one work!

Baby Born Surprise

I must be getting old because I had one of the first Baby Born dolls to come out. She ate food you made from a packet, she weed and pooped, and I adored her. However, now Zapf creations are introducing the new Baby Born Surprise. They come in a blind-bag style egg, wrapped in a super cute blanket and inside you’ll find your new doll which comes in a character theme swaddle, there are 12 to collect! Your doll will come with a birth certificate which shows you how to reveal more information about them, including their favourite food, birthday, horoscope, name and eye colour!

Gift Pup

Something I really love to do for each of Alyssa’s birthdays is to try and find items for her that can be personalised as I believe it really does make such a huge difference and they make nice keepsakes. Gift Pup got in touch and asked if I’d like to give her a beautiful, personalised ballerina clock, which since she does go to ballet is perfect for my little ballerina! Little ones will have great fun learning to tell the time with this Ballerina wall clock. With a beautiful ballerina dancing on it, a swinging pendulum and her name across the top, this is the perfect gift for a budding prima ballerina!

Beatrix Potter

I can remember listening to the stories of Beatrix Potter as a child and my beloved nanny even had a Mrs Tiddywinks ornament in her flat which now sits in my kitchen, watching over all that I cook. Alyssa has followed along and absolutely loves the adventures of Peter Rabbit and all of his friends. There are so many gorgeous gifts available which capture the beauty of the original drawings from the books. We received a Egg Cup and Spoon set and A Flopsy drawstring bag which will be Alyssa’s P.E bag for school, A bento box for packed lunches. Beautiful gifts for any Peter Rabbit fans out there.


In true old school Generation Game tradition, for every birthday I have to get Alyssa a cuddly toy… it just has to be done really and if you’re looking for cuddly toys then you really need to look at Gund. From gorgeous little cuddly dog toys to a beautiful rainbow Llama-corn (yes that’s a thing) with wings they have something for everyone. For my little one it had to be the beautiful lily-rose unicorn which when she spotted made her gasp and then squeal with glee. Beautiful designs and amazing quality, means you just cannot go wrong.

Red Letter Days Experience

Of course on the day of the birthday you always need to find some way to mark the occasion and what better way to do that than with a day out that they will never forget. Red Letter Days have so many experiences including a family pass to Drayton Manor Park. Head to Drayton Manor in Staffordshire for a thrilling experience that’ll never be forgotten. Filled with a mixture of children-friendly rides and bigger thrills for the adults, it ensures a fun experience. Discover the immersive Thomas Land, see over 100 different animals in the 15-acre zoo or get soaked on Stormforce 10. With lots to see and do throughout the day, there won’t be a dull moment.

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