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25th July 2019
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4th August 2019
I used to think I was really good at packing… and then I had a child and all my packing skills seemed to fly out the window, along with my sanity! I don’t know what happened, but I went from neatly packing my suitcase, knowing what I had packed, where it was and that I definitely had everything I needed, to chucking in everything I could grab and praying I have packed enough knickers to last the entire trip! Plus, now rather than just one suitcase I can wheel along, ideally I need a couple of donkeys to help me carry everything required just for a weekend away with the little one. So when Beautify asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their amazing suitcase organisers, it felt like a golden glow shone down on the package as I ripped it open! Here’s my review of their Luggage Organisers.

Normally the most stressful part of taking a trip, Beautify is here to make packing a little easier and a lot more glam. These 7 organisers are great for splitting up your packing and helping you take control. If you’re going on a trip make your packing the easy bit.

Whether you’re great at organising and love everything to have its place in the suitcase, or you’re forever forgetting the important stuff, these organisers are designed to make packing easier and more effective. With 7 individual polyester organisers, you can easily divide your luggage any way you like, by day, by clothing type or by category.

I honestly thought I would never be someone who used luggage organisers but these are awesome! I was really impressed with the quality of them as they are super soft and silky and rose gold zips keep everything secure. I’d imagine, like anything with a zip, you shouldn’t overload them as they will stretch and break but they certainly do their job and mean I can find everything much more easily. I was really surprised by the amount I could actually pack in them, popped them in a suitcase and lay a few bits on top – perfect!


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  1. These are such a fab idea, I hate it when you arrive somewhere and then can’t find what you want in your case quickly and everything ends up being pulled out and getting creased!

  2. Kelly says:

    Definitely need these for my holiday

  3. Evelyn McGow says:

    Beautiful and functional

  4. Neil Smith says:


  5. nicola Braham says:

    Ooooh, just lovely. We have no luggage at all, can you believe it??
    We’ve only been on one small trip and packed in laundry bags! These would be fantastic.