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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #28
15th July 2017
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Welcome to #FOODIEFRIDAY Week 45
21st July 2017

My Sunday Journal: Flying Solo

Once again I have been slacking when it comes to this weekly round-up and it’s purely because I have taken it upon myself to try and take at least one complete day off a week and as we head to cricket most Sundays it seemed like the optimum day to choose. I think this is the only series I started basically at the beginning of my blogging journey and still appears, if somewhat infrequently now. It’s kind of like my actual little mini diary entry for a week isn’t it? It’s quite different to sit down and write a post like a diary as opposed to about a topic or something that has annoyed me and I feel a ranty post coming on. So I’ve kind of decided to alter my highlights slightly and instead make them “My Sunday Journal” where I can basically just word vom out whatever has happened this week in a kind of venting motion without being restricted by a topic I set myself and share a few pictures from throughout. Plus, I think a journal is less pressure for me to keep up with as it’s meant to be something that is there when you need it to be right?! Anyway, let’s see how it goes…

To be honest… not a lot! Ha ha what a week to come back on but I have to say that Alyssa and I have been particularly boring this week in our activities as we have been flying solo. Nonna and Bear have gone off

corner of a floral arm chair with my bare shoulder with 2 strips of bright pink sports tape on it

on holiday for a week this week (though they are back today) to celebrate the Bear’s birthday.

The reason Alyssa and I haven’t been up to much is that unfortunately my damned shoulder (which I know I have been harping on about for over a year now) has well and truly decided to go mad and sort of flared up the end of March and hasn’t flared down since. So I am currently strapped up down the arm and shoulder, on constant pain medication which at times makes me a little dopey, using a tens machine to attempt to control the pain, under going intensive physio AND unable to drive because it aggravates the condition. Apparently all the muscles in my back and my nervous system are in one big knot and need untwisting – hence the major pain I’m suffering through. It also means I have had to limit the amount of time I spend on my computer unless I am completely propped up with a heat pack on it too!

Alyssa, however, has mostly been an absolute dream this week. She has been giving me lots of cuddles, climbing up for kisses as I am unable to lift her and has been so good at amusing herself. Of course we have had a lovely time watching Disney films together when it was raining and playing in the garden when the sun has reappeared – well she -played and I supervised! Alyssa satin the pink and purple little tikes horse and carriage with uncle pete behind in a garden

We also had a visit from Uncle Pete on Thursday who brought mummy some nice cold drinks and finished building a lovely surprise for Alyssa from Little Tikes which she then played in all afternoon (keep and eye out on the blog for the full post soon!) As Uncle Pete went out the door, Grumpy came through it for a quick cup of tea and a visit meaning madam would NOT have a nap as she was scared of missing something.

Another thing madam has enjoyed very much this week is that she has been chatting with Nonna and Bear on video chat every evening before bed – giving Nonna kisses on the screen and doing her high-five not so secret handshake with the Bear which she just thinks is hilarious. I’m sure she’d much rather have them here as she hasn’t quite grasped what the concept of holiday is BUT at least they’re having fun and will be back before we know it. woman's hand holding a blank screened phone with painted nails

Friday was literally the day from hell. I was feeling emotional and run down from the second I woke up and Alyssa chose it to be her day of playing up and was just an absolute pain in the butt all day which peaked when she threw her whole bowl of cottage pie across the table and up the walls. After shouting No and making sure she was safe, I took myself off to the garden for two minutes to cry and get it out of my system. When I went back in she gave me a hug and said sorry but was naughty when daddy turned up too so at least I know it’s not just me!

We did have some lovely moments in the garden this week when she was playing and enjoying her own little world and especially when she got a little ice-cream which she adores! Took us ages to find one she’ actually likes and will eat all of but we did it when we found the Claudi and Fin ones – if you haven’t tried them do!

Alyssa in a green dress looking at the camera sticking her tongue out and smiling halfway up a pink slide with grass behind her

Okay, I think that’s all for this week – we have a big week coming up as it’s her birthday week – her actual birthday on Wednesday and then her party on Sunday which some of my lovely blogger friends are also attending and I cannot wait to see them and watch all the kids enjoying themselves.
Speak soon!

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  1. Oh Hun it must be hard doing it all on your own, I can’t even imagine. Hope your shoulder gets sorted soon! Xx

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