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24th October 2016
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25th October 2016

#LionessMama Week 1 Roundup!

So a week ago the gorgeous Jade from The Parenting Jungle and I began our own little hashtag community over on instagram inspired by all the pictures we saw and took ourselves that weren’t necessarily picture perfect but meant something to the taker! We have been overwhelmed this week with the number of photos appearing in our little corner with over 100 tags – we have absolutely loved looking through them, finding new feeds to follow and learning a little bit more about all those who have joined us this week. Therefore, as in true hashtag community fashion, let us go to this week’s round up and our picks for the week…

woman with brown hair holding a camera

So, each week Jade and I will be choosing two favourites each and featuring them over on Instagram and on our blogs. We shall also be choosing one of each other’s photos to feature too!


Jade’s first pick came from Bringing Up Georgia…. She really looks like the crayon tastes yummy!


My first pick is from Mum & Mor… This was such a special moment for her to share with us and look at that instant bond!


Jade’s second pick comes from Soppy Mum… This time we’re eating cake but just look at those baby blues!


My second pick comes from Babies. Biscuits and Booze…. Once again, I love the relationship between mummy and baby that is so evident here!


My favourite photo from The Parenting Jungle this week has to be this one…. She just embodies #LionessMama in this post – what a diva!


Finally, from my own feed this week, comes my favourite photo which has to be Alyssa at the park. She sat on the (damp!!!) grass for ages just feeling the grass, throwing leaves and making them crunch… a true moment of exploration!


There you have it for our first week – don’t forget to head over to Instagram and join in, everyone is welcome! Show us your inner lioness on good days and bad and we look forward to next week!


  1. Jane says:

    Great photos

  2. Ellen says:

    Ahh thank you so much! Love the other photos, too – I am mighty envious of Jade’s glasses and love the pic of Alyssa. TM is loving the grass at the park too with all the leaves around xx

  3. Lovely photos! I love that there is a # that isn’t all about the perfection and edited fakeness that I don’t have time for!

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