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23rd September 2018
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Kekilou Surprise: New Collectable Dolls & Playset with Make Up Surprise Review

Kekilou Surprise is a new magical collection of mini dolls and playsets inspired by fashion, magical transformation and secret surprises. We were asked to review their Mini Bag Assortment, Mini Vanity Playset and the amazing Kekilou Party Bag Playset. I knew anything that involved child friendly make-up and figurines was going to be a hit with my little one and I wasn’t wrong!

Kekilou is the new line of fashion surprise products from Flair. With lots of mini playsets and dolls to collect it won’t be long before each child has a huge collection.

Mini Bag Assortment

These are the little surprise backpacks that come on their own. What might look like just a plastic backpack is so much more. Inside you have several options – you can choose to have the doll function by unfolding her head, or choosing to have the bag handle up. When the bag handle is up and you close the bag, you can also push the front of the bag up to reveal a sparkly lip or eye balm. There are 12 mini dolls to collect and each with either a lip gloss, body glitter or eye shadow. RRP £4.99

Mini Vanity Playset

One step up from the little backpacks is the mini vanity playsets. Each one of these comes with a backpack mini doll as well as a little compact. When you open it, there is a little mirror inside and a place for you to click in your backpack doll. When you do, there is a light that pings on around the mirror. That’s not the only surprise though, there are hidden drawers on either side of the compact containing make-up brushes and 2 little make-up palettes. There are 4 of these to collect RRP 14.99

Kekilou Party Bag Play Set

The Party Bag Playset is the must have Beauty Salon for the Kekilou collection of fashionable mini bags that magically transform into mini dolls…each with a secret to reveal!

This Kekilou party bag playset is a cute and trendy handbag that opens up to reveal a beauty salon and a party area for your exclusive Mini Bag that transforms into a cute Mini Doll. There are lots of surprises hidden inside, including a disco party, where you can spin your Mini Doll around, and a beauty salon, where you can colour your mini dolls hair by dipping the hair straighteners in water! The bag comes with removable cardboard walls for decoration. This play set folds for easy storage and contains a useful carry handle for on the go play! You get one Mini Doll with the Party Bag as well as stickers to decorate with too!

Overall we were really pleased with the products. The make-up really was a total surprise which made my little one squeal. She cannot open the Mini BackPacks herself as it is a little fiddly but other than that this is a really great collection. Maybe the addition of a nail polish might be good – one of those old school kids ones that just peeled off as long as it washes out of fabric!!

You can currently buy Kekilou products here. 


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