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16th April 2017
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17th April 2017

Highlights of the Week: #34

I’m not going to lie to you (I never do!) this week has been bloody tough. I have had the most horrendous cold/flu/virus which seemed to take me forever to get over at the same time as for some reason my inbox going nuts (a good nuts) meaning that I have been sat up in bed almost every night this week working late and not quite resting as much as I should have perhaps. On top of that, Alyssa’s sleep  has completely gone out of whack this week not to mention her behavior – blimey! However, that’s a story for another post which I have no doubt will come in it’s own time. Therefore, with how negative I have felt this week, I thought it even more important that I set aside a little bit of time to think about anything good that may have happened this week, however hard that may be through the fog of illness and terrible toddler tantrums!  So here we go, a look back at some good times this week…

Alyssa sat on the red frame of a slide in a big black and white outfit with balloons on smiling at the camera with railings grass and a car in the background

The wonderful weather we have been having has meant we have had lots of park time and this one’s favourite bit is the slide, especially when she can do it all by herself…

Alyssa in a red and pink apron eating a chocolate icecream cone with a beige sideboard behind her. she is looking at the camera

Of course after the park and all that effort, we all needed ice creams to help us regain our strength…

Alyssa in a pink t-shirt, in front of a brick wall playing at a water table with a funnel and a spoon

Warm weather has also meant lots of water play fun in the garden with bubbles to blow and wooden spoons to stir and splash with. Mummy sat on the opposite side of the garden…

alyssa riding a pink plastic rocking horse with baby lily in an inflatable nemo boat watching alyssa

We’ve also had lots of company this week from little cousin Lily Ban who was a bit miffed she couldn’t get up and run around after Alyssa but she did manage to get a go on the rocking horse so don’t worry she was happy…

Alyssa sitting on a wooden bench with a rad metal frame, one leg up on the seat looking off to the side in her pink white and black outfit with hot air balloon print on it

This one has shown a lot of gumption and grit this week, as well as cheekiness as I am sure you can see. We were in the park for fun and a quick photo shoot and now when I say “Cheese” she does the most amazing poses as you can see!

We’ve had a lovely few weeks as you can see, but if you’d like to see what happens to us on a daily basis don’t forget to head over to Instagram where you can see all our shenanigans!




  1. Tammymum says:

    Ah hope you’re feeling better. Good news on a busy inbox though. Love the little ones outfit, sounds like she had a good week! #pointshoot

  2. I am glad you are feeling a bit better now hun! I love that photo of Alyssa with the ice cream, her eyes are beautiful, so expressive. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot ?

  3. I love the pic of Alyssa with her ice cream too – a beautiful capture of a little sweetheart. It sounds like a bloody tough few days – why won’t our children sleep – aghhhhhh?! #PointShoot xx

  4. I love the look of concentration on her face whilst she’s playing with water! Hope you are back on form now! #pointshoot

  5. It’s so hard to parent when you’re feeling rubbish! Hope you’re better now. I love the cheeky look on your daughter’s face, you can certainly see the determination in her expression, but oh my goodness she is so cute!! #PointShoot

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