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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Week #21
4th March 2017
A Corner To Call Home
6th March 2017

Highlights of the Week: #32

So it has been a couple of weeks since I have written one of these because I have been trying to take Sundays off which has resulted in making me a bit lazy on this day – however, I have been enjoying having a little time off… sometimes! So a lot has been happening – mummy has been working hard, Alyssa has been playing hard and going off on adventures. She’s also been suffering with a cold which she has gratefully now given to mummy – cheers darling! We also spent a few days last week in Sussex visiting family and making even more memories. So here we go, some memories to share with you…

On our trip to Sussex – my little one finally got to meet my wonderful Godmother and they hit it off so well as you can see. We can’t wait to see them again when we go back in April for Great Aunty Clara’s 90th!

We have been going to the park a lot recently and I could have picked a million photos but the determination in this little one’s face here just makes me adore this picture!

I really wasn’t sure Alyssa would remember her cousin Imogen as she hadn’t seen her for 6 months – but the second she saw her she went running over for a cuddle and they were basically inseparable the whole visit. Alyssa had a total girl crush on her cousin and it was adorable.

It’s the simple things in life and what could be better than climbing into the washing basket and letting your imagination transform it into endless possibilities… add in a cheeky grin and you’re all set!

These two have such a special relationship. This is Leon, or Bear as he is more affectionately know and this little girl waits every day for him to come home so she can jump up into his arms and give him a cuddle or sit on his lap at his computer and hit lots of buttons. Bear says he “doesn’t like children” well I think this picture says it all really….

We’ve had a lovely few weeks as you can see, but if you’d like to see what happens to us on a daily basis don’t forget to head over to Instagram where you can see all our shenanigans!

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