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5th March 2017
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6th March 2017

A Corner To Call Home

I don’t really know what image people have of Mummy in a Tutu or the person behind it… Is it of a woman who dresses in a business suit everyday and heads off to the office to tap away at her blog? Is it of someone with a messy mum bun, over sized clothes, hugging a mug of coffee and sitting at her desk word vomiting onto the page her inner most secrets?! Well, the second one is probably a lot closer to the truth. You cannot beat a good mum bun, I love over sized clothes though you will quite often find me working in my pjs (unicorn and Disney ones just FYI) but you won’t find me working in my office. I don’t have one. In fact, you won’y even find me working at a desk as I don’t have one of those either (thank god for a lightweight laptop!) Nope, I basically set up shop wherever I can or depending on how I am feeling – I have a lap tray to work from the sofa or on my bed (though both of these are a bad idea as I tend to turn the television on too) or sometimes when I need to get a lot of work done and concentrate I land at the big wooden dining table and spread out – laptop, diary and notebook (I love a bit of old school non tech,) camera, baby monitor, coffee, mints or nibbles, products I am reviewing… so the term land and spread is quite appropriate….

a keyboard on a white table covered in pieces of paper with bold print text all over them, a mug of coffee and a glass with a single stem of yellow flowers

However, once I am done I generally need to pack it all away as the space needs to be used for something else or I need to protect it from the prying eyes and hands of my inquisitive toddler. How nice it would be to be able to come into a room or space and for it to already be set up and when I am done to simply close my laptop and not to have to tidy it all away.

a pine desk with a computer screen and keyboard on it to one side, a speaker, a plant a book and a pen pot

Now, as some of you may know, we are going to be moving house soon as we have finally managed to sell ours (after a blooming year because apparently people want the Earth these days… gift wrapped too) so we are going to be moving to a brand new house – still to be confirmed, so watch this space. Anyway, in our new place I am really and truly hoping that even if there isn’t a whole room, there may be a corner, just for me, where I can set-up shop and remain and not have to feel like a wandering nomad with no place to call home when it comes to my blogland.

I’ve been thinking about what I would like for my Furniture At Work™ and trying to decide on a style. I think I am a bit of a mix of old and new – I don’t like too much chintz but I love little bijou things too. Now, a desk with draws in would be handy as I tend to accumulate ALOT of bits and pieces, primarily due to my love of stationary and I’d be quite happy to either go really sleek and streamline or depending on the space available, all up-cycled bijou.

above shot of wooden desk with a mug of black coffee, a mobile phone and 3 pieces of paper all white, a pen and a few green leaves from a plant out of shot

I’d love a year wall planner to write bits on as well as one of those washing lines with pegs to hang photographs on and perhaps a couple of custom blogger prints – I’ve seen so many on Instagram in blogger’s work-spaces that I have spent hours drooling over so a couple of those and maybe a plant that doesn’t die easily would be good too.

Okay, if we are going all out dreamland, I would like a big enough space so that opposite the window in the room I could have a hanging screen for backdrops for taking photographs for the blog – or even a really white wall! I know I know… I cannot choose a house to live in based on this but hey, I can dream can’t I???!

woman sat at a computer writing with a cup of coffee

As I said, whether it is a little corner of a room or a whole room in itself, I really hope that in my new home I will have a little corner to call home for my blog and be able to make it something special for me – whether I turn up to work in my unicorn pjs or my smartest outfit it won’t matter because this little space will be all my own. If it doesn’t happen then no matter… we’re taking the dining room table with us anyway!
So, tell me about where you blog from? Do you have one of those office spaces I have been drooling over or like me are you a land and spread kind of blogger?
This is a collaborative post – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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