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23rd April 2018
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24th April 2018
Have you ever been on a family holiday? I expect you have. Have you ever been on a family holiday with a toddler? If you haven’t then allow me to enlighten you. It seems to me that whenever we go away be it in England or abroad and whether its for two days or two weeks I am always taking a sack load of stuff. Alyssa and I can usually get away with sharing a suitcase for clothes if it is for under a week – I pack sparingly for me but always pack way too much for her thanks to her being a messy toddler and me being indecisive. However, then there is everything else – toys, bits for bedtime, sometimes bedding, food/snacks…the list just goes on. This becomes a problem when there are also at least two other adults travelling with us on holiday. There is simply not enough space in the car for all of our stuff AND us. So, when Handiworld got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their Handiholdall I practically snatched it off them…

a grey brick wall and in front is a brown leather case with a blue scar and dslr camera on top

So if you have never heard of them, then allow me to enlighten you. Handiworld is a youngish company that’s main goal is to bring innovative products out into the world all to make our lives easier.

“Our mantra is ‘more fun, less hassle…’. Our objective is to help you enjoy and maximise your precious leisure time with the minimum of fuss.”

When told they had something that could solve all my travel space problems I was all for it. I was sent the Haniholdall kit which comes with the Handiholdall and Handrack (which retails at £202 but is currently on sale for £165!!) Essentially this is a roof wrack with a carrier on top but actually it is so much more!

The roof rack is something I was worrying about. It is universal and fits almost any car (though you can check this with them before hand) but get this… the best part is that it is actually INFLATABLE! To install it, you literally roll the two sections out across the front and back of the car roof and secure then quickly inflate with a couple of pumps the included pump (for a detailed video guide of installing the rack watch here.) You can then add the poles to the holdall and lay it out on top of the wrack, attach and fill (for a detailed video guide of installing the holdall watch here.)

Okay now I am a bit clueless when it comes to stuff like this so really I was the perfect product dummy and even I managed to do this with no problem whatsoever. The instructions that come are very clear but the fact they have how to install videos on their site is so amazingly helpful.

The holdall itself is incredible – did I mention that it is completely waterproof?! They even have a video proving just how waterproof it is. It can also hold up to 80kg of weight – think about it…most airlines let you take a case of 20kg in weight so technically it can hold a family of 4s main luggage then the boot has plenty of room for the hand-luggage. Hell, it could hold my toddler if I was so inclined… don’t worry I didn’t try it!

Overall, I was super impressed with both the Handirack and Handiholdall and think they are a perfect combination and are a necessity for any family, especially one who travels a great deal – brilliant!


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  1. Amy Fox says:

    This is soooo needed in our house, especially now we have a newborn and a toddler. They have so much stuff it’s ridiculous! We have got a long weekend away coming up and I don’t know how we are going to fit it all in x

  2. Rhia P says:

    What a bloomin’ clever idea! We have to hire roof bars and a roofbox when we go camping coz our car isn’t big enough for all our gear and a Sprog, but we don’t have enough storage space at home to house a roofbox all the time we’re not using it.
    This is honestly nothing short of GENIUS and I can’t believe I’ve never heard about them before.

  3. Amanda Holloway says:

    Great idea!

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