kids christmas gift guide
Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2020
23rd November 2020
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Things No One Tells You About Motherhood
25th November 2020

Grown-Ups Christmas Gift Guide 2020

grown-ups christmas gift guide
*Ad. All opinions are my own.
It’s not just the kids that deserve a treat for getting through this year but us grown-ups too! Needless to say it has been a tough year and whatever your situation, if you can afford to treat yourself in some way this year then you absolutely should. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your partner, a friend or a fellow foodie in this Grown-Ups Christmas Gift Guide 2020 I’ve got some great gift ideas to help you get everything you will need!
grown-ups christmas gift guide 2020

Whether you are a foodie, a gamer, a stay at home and get cosy kind of person or a get up and go kind of person, there should be something for the big kids and the grown-ups this Christmas.

Sparkling Winter Afternoon Tea for Two and a Bottle of Prosecco at Home with Piglet’s Pantry

Get into the spirit of Christmas with a delicious afternoon tea and a celebratory bottle of prosecco for two. Enjoy a tempting variety of classic sweet and savoury treats delivered straight to your front door from Piglet’s Pantry. Get comfy on the sofa or set up your dining table at home. Delight in fluffy scones layered with clotted cream and jam, tempting winter biscuits, Scotch eggs flavoured like pigs in blankets, Christmas tarts and sausage rolls. Crack open the bottle of prosecco and raise a toast! Treat yourselves to something truly special at this magical time of year.

Disco Cocktail Pouches (groovy instant ‘70s-inspired cocktails that can be posted)

Inspired by the concept of a so-called ‘Disco’ shift (an easy one) for bartenders, these stylish 70s-styled pouches feature a unique take on classic cocktails. Each features a blend of a top quality spirit with a soft drink syrup mixer. Cocktails include the ‘Disco Cherry Sour’ (Vestal Vodka with Doctor Pepper) and ‘The Disco Pinacolada’ (Dead Man’s Fingers rum with Sprite). Handmade in ‘Ladies & Gents’, a North London underground ‘five star dive bar’, each pouch features minimal packaging and fits through letterboxes, so are ideal for last minute Christmas gifts!

Featherweights Oval Dutch Oven with Lid

A modern version of the classic casserole dish The casserole dishes in the Featherweights collection are the perfect alternative to the classic cast-iron casserole dish. They are no less than 50% lighter and much easier to use. They heat up three times faster, have a handy Thermolon Infinity Pro ceramic non-stick coating and are dishwasher-safe. Thanks to their innovative design, these casserole dishes work like a small oven on all hob types, for extra succulent and flavourful dishes.

The Torrent Jacket (SRP £164.95) combines Snugpak’s own Softie® insulation and a 100% waterproof and breathable membrane fabric so you’ll stay both warm and dry, comfort rating of -5°c (low of -10°c).

It is equipped with a detachable insulated hood that can be rolled away or removed when not in use, and the dual adjusters on the sides and rear of the hood help to provide a perfect fit. The Torrent jacket’s deep hand pockets allow safe storage for valuables, and the thermal lining helps to keep hands warm and comfortable.

There is also a deep hidden chest pocket on the inside of the jacket. The main jacket and pocket zips all use YKK weatherproof zips for extra protection from the elements. Snugpak’s Torrent jacket features a brushed polyester neck warmer for added comfort and warmth, and underarm ventilation zips with mesh covering, to allow for ventilation and temperature regulation.

Stoven Non-Stick Bakeware Set

This Stoven Non-Stick Bakeware Set includes everything you need to create sweet and savoury delights in the kitchen. The set comprises Small, Medium and Large Baking Trays, a 34cm Brownie Pan, 35cm and 40cm Roasters, a 12 Cup Muffin Pan and a 20cm Loose Base Sandwich Tin.

Each piece of Stoven Non-Stick Bakeware is made from 1mm thick carbon steel with a durable and highly effective Quantum 2 non-stick coating, making it easy to use and easy to clean. It is perfectly safe to put in the dishwasher, but the Quantum 2 non-stick coating is so easy to clean, handwashing is all that’s usually required.


Succulents come in a rich variety of shapes and sizes. They’re a visually captivating and uniquely interesting houseplant, which is ideally suited to any interior space. It’s no wonder why these colourful and vibrant indoor plants are so popular. As well as this, every succulent is extremely low-maintenance and easy to care for, making them ideal for those new to gardening who wish to expand upon their botanical knowledge and expertise. You could also add your new succulent to a terrarium for a great way to display such a beautiful plant.


Cheer up even the greyest Monday mornings by whipping up a batch of smiley face pancakes in this adorable cast aluminium pan. Whether you’re feeling cheeky, excited or playful, there’s a pancake for you – and the impressive 10-year warranty is sure to put a smile firmly on your face too!

Mermaid Salt Vodka, from the Isle of Wight Distillery, is infused with island sea salt for a uniquely smooth finish and flavour ‘like the subtle kiss of a mermaid’. Plastic-free and Net Zero, it’s an environmentally-friendly vodka with a hint of sea air. 40% ABV.

Cocktail recipe: ‘Vesper Martini’

20ml Mermaid Salt Vodka + 60ml Mermaid Gin + 15ml White Vermouth. Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled glass, Garnish with lime zest.

Vegan Food Treats

OGGS® Mince Pies

Handmade mince pies from plant-based brand OGGS® without any eggs or butter making them perfect for vegans, flexitarians and anyone who loves a mince pie! These festive fancies are kind to the planet, animals and people and come in completely sustainable packaging.

Supplier: Sainsbury’s in store and online

OGGS® Chocolate Celebration Cake

A great alternative to the traditional Christmas cake or mince pies is this Chocolate Celebration Cake from OGGS. This vegan friendly chocolate sponge cake is filled and topped with chocolate fudge frosting and finished with chocolate curls, edible stars and festive gold shimmer.

Supplier: Waitrose in store and online

Friends Advent Calendar

Set to be as big as a 90’s sitcom, the Friends 12 Days of Christmas Advent is packed with beauty goodies to surprise & delight each day. Not only that but the iconic yellow peep hole frame detaches to keep & use elsewhere. Could this be any more exciting?

Loving My Mother Figurine by Willow Tree

The figure includes a gift tag with sentiment ‘I’m here for you , as you’ve always been for me’. “As I was sculpting this I was thinking about being there for my mom in however she needs me. Realizing how much she did for us our whole lives, I feel I can return some the same. Whenever I thank my mom for all she has done for me , she always smiles and says “You do the same for yours” – Susan Lordi. A gift to express the caring relationship between adult daughter and older mother , as they progress through life together, and roles of caregiving become reversed; a gift to remember one much loved.

Sober Sauce – Non/Low Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy

Craft beer brand Sobersauce curates collections of seriously great tasting alcohol-free beers.  This is a fantastic option for people who are the designated driver over the festive period but would like something more exciting than the usual soft drink. With lower calories, lower fat and great taste it’s a drink for all, not just for people who choose not to drink at all.

Stockist: Sobersauce

Price: £19.99 including delivery for 8 beers


Our Carfume™️ mood enhancing fragrances are guaranteed to level up your Driving Experience

1. Choose a color to match your style 
2. Choose your premium mood enhancing fragrance
3. Pick your playlist & Drive Happy

Our premium car fresheners are inspired by our love of perfumes and aftershaves – that truly boost your mood!

The glass bottles with bespoke, carved wooden tops look so elegant & will add a classy touch to your car whilst giving you a long lasting aroma. 

Opies Food Gifts

Red Berries steeped in syrup infused with Pink Gin are the finest combination of redcurrants, raspberries and sour cherries infused with a delicious yet delicate pink gin. With back notes of juniper, the red berries effortlessly enhance a gin & tonic and are sublime in a boozy ice-cream sundae. Opies’ have also shared an inspired perfect party recipe for White Chocolate & Red Berries Tiramisu on the pack.

The classic combination of Figs with Dark Rum will be a great gifting choice. Opies take the juiciest of figs and steep them in the finest Luxardo dark rum which perfectly brings out rich, indulgent and slightly spicy tones. They work exceptionally well on a pavlova or can be used to upgrade a Dark & Stormy cocktail. For something more comforting, Opies suggest a boozy Fig & Ginger Pudding recipe on the pack.

For whisky lovers, Apricots steeped in syrup infused with The Famous Grouse® Blended Scotch Whisky will be a gift of pure perfection. Carefully sourced, sweet apricots meld into the UK’s best-selling blended whisky* – The Famous Grouse. Simply sublime! Why not use them in a Christmas Chocolate Trifle for the ultimate indulgence?

A Zest For Life

  • Bountiful Breakfasts
  • Packed Lunches
  • Afternoon Snacks
  • Weekday Meals
  • Weekend Specials

A Zest For Life will make eating well effortless – the recipes are easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Packed full of colourful, energising recipes, made with ingredients that taste great and also help you to feel great! With superfoods galore and meals that keep you full for longer, this collection of clever, nutritious recipes is one that you’ll turn to time and again. All ingredients are widely available – no faddy foods here! Discover delicious recipes for a healthy lifestyle throughout the year including dishes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The 2021 Dairy Diary is prettier than ever with two beautiful British Butterflies and gorgeous photography. But what it’s really famous for is its recipes – there’s a new one every week – delicious and triple-tested, so you can be sure they will work every time. In addition to the recipes, there is all sorts of interesting information on topics such as the Art of Calm, Quirky Museums and Gardening for Wildlife. Of course, there’s everything needed to keep organised – a useful notes pocket, dates stickers, reminders, addresses and even gift lists. All of this, and plenty of space to write appointments, thoughts and plans each day.

Scaramanga Micro Handbag – The Pixie

The cute leather micro bag is a must-have accessory. They’ve thoughtfully designed this handy bag for those who like to keep their essentials to a bare minimum.

• Fits mobile phone, coins, cards and notes
• Super compact with lots of compartments
• Dual pocket
• Can hold keys and phone
• Signature antique Hunter Leather
• Adjustable should strap
• Rear belt loops

Karasuba-Iro Ramen Bowl Set

The Karasuba-Iro Japanese ramen bowl set is the set for ramen obsessives! The gorgeous set contains two Karasuba-Iro ramen bowls, two ramen ladles, and a full colour ramen recipe booklet. All packed together in a reusable drawstring cotton gift bag.

“Karasuba-iro” means glossy back in Japanese, and the glazed ceramic ramen bowls, have a beautiful glossy black and grey speckled surface. Additional red-brown detailing, and white sweeps add to the elegance of the design. They are dishwasher safe. Each ramen bowl is imported from Japan, and carefully chosen with the perfect size and shape for ramen.  The full-colour ramen recipe booklet gives you a brief introduction to Japanese ramen. You’ll have all the recipes at your fingertips to become a ramen expert at home!

Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

Perfect for grownups, this stylish candle is the perfect way to count down the days of December. Simply light the candle for 1 hour each day and cross off the number on the label whilst the beautiful festive scent of Orange and Cinnamon will fill your home. With a 25 hour burn time, this candle will last until Christmas day.

Our Remedy

Our Remedy is the first brand in the UK to combine CBD with two powerful essential oils used within the female natural health world; peppermint & clary sage.
Known for their natural healing power when it comes to soothing cramps, hormonal imbalances, digestive discomfort and mood swings, this pro-period formulation is far from just your average ingestible CBD oil. 
This totally unique wellness elixir has been created by Rachel, a female entrepreneur who suffered with debilitating period related symptoms throughout her twenties before seeking a natural solution & discovering CBD. She combined her daily dose with peppermint & clary sage, before bottling up her remedy – and making it Ours. 
Many Our Remedy admirers find that their painful cramping has not only been soothed, but they are sleeping better, feeling more balanced (and less overcome by mood swings & PMS) and more focused. 
For best results, drop half a pipette directly under the tongue daily – or if preferred, you can drop it into your morning herbal tea, smoothie or hot chocolate. 

Cellar Dine Wine Accessories

The CellarDine stainless steel Zap Cap bottle opener is the original product of its type and works on all crown cap bottles; alcoholic and soft drinks. The Zap Cap has received many positive press endorsements both UK and international; it is also such a fun product to use!

Introducing the new stylish ChillCore 3 in 1. A revolutionary new product designed to actively chill bottles in minutes, staying cold for up to 2 hours, it will also pour effortlessly & preserve unfinished wine bottles, perfect for in & out door home entertaining.

The NEW Rouge 02 by the glass really does capture the true spirit of innovation and originality, designed to aerate wine as it is being poured straight from the bottle to the glass, perfect wine every time.

Lost Sheep Coffee Christmas Gift Set

Lost Sheep Coffee presents it’s fantastic Christmas Capsule Gift Set. A perfect present for the coffee lover in your life. 3 different Nespresso Compatible Compostable Capsule flavours, all made from Speciality Grade 1 Coffee Beans!


• Smooth Journey – Smooth chocolate fudge body with a light
hazelnut finish.
• Funky Camper – Tasting of sweet Irish cream with a rich body
and mulled winter fruits.
• Loving the Decaf – A Big Bold Body, yet amazingly smooth
with no need for additional sugars!

 Les Lumieres du Temps scented candles and diffusers

Cotton Flower – a delicate blend of Lemon, Rose and Vanilla giving a delightful fragrance of freshly bathed and powdered babies!

Despite the fantastic quality the prices are very affordable starting at just £16.49 for the entry level candle (55 hour burn time) to the luxury 3 wick candle that burns for up to 90 hours at just £55.
They also have a range of Diffusers and Diffuser Refills – all beautiful perfumes from Grasse and the diffusers will last for up to 8 weeks

Whale N Go Set

A set of four pairs of under eye gel patches.

The ultimate way to add fun to your skincare routine while getting some serious skin nourishment. The Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads have a cute whale design to help the delicate eye area re-energise when sleepy eyes start to show. With four individually wrapped pairs included, the patches use a blend of coconut extract to sooth and depuff, sodium hyaluronate (a form of hyaluronic acid) to brighten, and pine extract to feed the skin with antioxidant goodness. Goodnight sleepy eyes!

Jigsaw Puzzle Advent Calendar

This luxurious advent calendar comes in a large gold-foiled cube box, features 24 doors, and conceals 22 beautifully illustrated festive puzzle surprises, a bottle of glue and ribbon.  Each puzzle is between 30 and 70 pieces and portrays a Christmas tradition from around the world, from surfing Santas on the beach in Australia, to Christmas lights in London’s Oxford Street, mythical creatures in Nordic folklore, and Europe’s Christmas markets.
Once completed, each mini jigsaw creates one of four Christmas themed puzzle shapes – a Christmas tree, snowman, bauble or stocking.  Puzzlers simply coat them in the glue provided and attach ribbon to turn them into hanging decorations – that can be used next Christmas and the one after too!


Love a onesies… then let’s take it to a whole new level! Whether you own one or twenty Kigurumi (we have the benefit of owning them all, muahaha!), we think they are something you will cherish for a long time. Even after a bad day, we find it almost impossible not to crack a smile once we see ourselves in ridiculous animal Kigurumi.

Don’t Be A Dik Dik

There are lots of naughty names in nature, and we’ve brought them to you in this hilarious card game!

Titter at the TUFTED TITMOUSE, chuckle at the LARGE COCKCHAFER, giggle at the STICKY WILLY, but whatever you do, don’t get left holding the DIK DIK! The player who ends the game with the DIK DIK in their hand loses. It’s as simple as that!

The revolutionary Jose Eber Air Styler utilizes a high speed nano fan that propels cool air through the tool length expelling it through a grid around the tourmaline ceramic styling plates.

This cool air instantly sets the hair in the desires style of curls or waves. The Air Styler’s unique air cooling feature allows you to bring the barrel right up against the scalp with no fear of burning. The Air Styler also straightens hair faster than most conventional flat irons.

The Jose Eber HST Clipless Curling Iron 25mm creates larger, bouncier long lasting curls and voluptuous waves that are smoother, shiner, and frizz-free. Create incredible volume and texture while reducing the amount of damage caused by traditional curling wands. The innovative clipless design provides consistent and even heat for quicker styling without causing creased or crimped ends. Create a more natural look by curling hair from root to tip, reducing heat at hair’s weakest point the tips and save your locks from unnecessary harm.

Fallen Brewing offers a range of beer using only pure soft Scottish mountain water and the best hops and malts from around the world. Situated in the old Kippen Railway Station the range includes the aptly named Local Motive, Chew and much-loved Platform C – perfect for any train enthusiast.

Queen II Jigsaw

Celebrate the long musical success of this hard rock band while piecing together the fantastic cover art of this awesome Queen II Jigsaw! Arguably one of Queen’s heaviest albums, the puzzle pictures the iconic cover of the 2nd studio album by the British rock band, which was released in back in 1974 and features a glamorous portrait of the band at the time. Crack out your favourite vinyl, put your favourite record on and enjoy a quiet afternoon with this 500 piece jigsaw!

Bobby’s Schiedam Gin – a Dutch-Indonesian hybrid that celebrates the 150 year old shared history of the two countries. Described as ‘Dutch courage mixed with Indonesian spice’, the recipe blends a base of juniper with whole clove, cubeb pepper, cinnamon, lemongrass, rose hips, fennel and coriander. It’s spicy and fragrant, with a burst of citrus and a bite of pepper. With the recommended garnish being a clove-studded orange slice, it’s an exotic gin that also beautifully incorporates some familiar Christmas flavours! Again, combining East and West, Bobby’s classic Dutch ‘kruik’ bottle is brought to life with an ‘Ikat’ pattern, a traditional Indonesian design. 42% ABV.

Gin Christmas Pudding, Frangipane Mince Pies, luxury hampers and more in Christmas Pudding to Chocolate and Orange Wreath Cake, luxury artisan bakery and gift business Meg Rivers Bakers of Happiness will add sparkle to your Christmas with tasty twists on traditional bakes. Based on the recipes of founder Meg Rivers, lovingly baked in the heart of the Cotswolds then beautifully decorated and wrapped, these delicious cakes and treats serve as stunning centrepieces or gorgeous gifts.

Donner Port and Cheese Gift Box

A classic Christmas combination filled with festive goodies, our Port & Cheese Gift Hamper is sure to be well received.

Every order includes a bottle of Dow’s Classic Port (75cl, 20% ABV) a truckle of English Blue Stilton Cheese, a truckle of Mull of Kintyre Mature cheddar and a truckle of Mature Cheddar with Herbs.

To complete our cheddar extravaganza you’ll also find jars of our Poachers Pickle and Tomato Chutney, a box of Walkers Biscuits for Cheese and our own Black Pepper Oatcakes. A bag of Christmas sweets finishes off this delightful festive treat.

How to Spot an Artist

With over 200,000 Instagram followers, Danielle Krysa has helped a lot of people overcome the fear that they “aren’t creative.” In books like Creative Block and Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk she calls out the self-criticism that keeps us from claiming and expressing our artistic abilities. Now she uses her characteristic playfulness, lively illustrations, and humour to help kids overcome negativity about their artistic endeavors-and to help them redefine what being an artist means. Every page delivers encouragement to the kid who thinks artists all live in cities, or that art has to look like something familiar, or that painting and drawing are the only way to make art. In a world that drastically undervalues creative freedom, Krysa’s whimsical paintings and collages joyfully proclaim that art is essential and that artists are everywhere. Additionally, a page at the back of the book includes ideas for art projects-because who wants fewer art projects? Nobody!

Don’t Forget the Pooch

Sniffe & Likkit – another young British brand, S&L has just unleashed a new range of amazing ‘pet-scentric’ dog-pampering products. For the modern ‘pooch parent’, the luxurious shampoos, fragrances, balms and wipes are based on an all-natural aromatherapy oil scent and represent a gentler approach to dog grooming. With a focus on natural ingredients, each is specially formulated to be pH-balanced for dogs’ skin.

Alcatel1T 10inch Tablet – with Kids Mode

The great value Alcatel 1T 10 inch Tablet gives you big screen entertainment any time, any place. This is one of lightest 10 inch tablets on the market at only 415g, so it’s comfortable to hand in your hand. The crisp, clear 10 inch HD screen is ideal for hours of viewing, streaming and playing. From enjoy a Netflix box set binge to enjoying Skype video chats and chilling out with a range of TV catch-up services, you’ll always have plenty of entertainment to enjoy. Android Oreo (Go edition) is built leaner, faster and safer than ever before, so you can go bigger in everything you do.

Kids Mode provides lots of age-appropriate fun for youngsters, while providing peace of mind for parents. The preloaded ad-free apps are all ready to use and parents will appreciate its built-in easy-to-use parental control panel that lets them set usage time and select which apps are available to use for kids.

Eye Care lets you see without strain, filtering out blue light to reduce its impact on your sleep patterns and relieve visual fatigue.

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