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Remote Control Toys Gift Guide

remote control toys
*Ad. All opinions are my own.
As Christmas is just around the corner and most of us are now thinking about what gifts to buy, it made me think. No Christmas is ever complete when there is a child in the house ( big or small) without a remote control toy. Gone are the days where you would need a stack of batteries the height of Everest or where a child is disappointed because someone forgot to buy batteries. The range, quality and technology of very affordable remote control toys is just fabulous and generally rechargeable via USB.

remote control toys

Remote control toys are not just for the little boys, they are for everyone from dog lovers to wanna be stunt drivers, even your granny will love some of these. So here are just a handful of my absolute favourites and why I give them the big thumbs up.

First up is the SGILE 4WD, this brightly coloured car is not your average remote control car. It is a really robust stunt car that lets nothing stand in its way. Although you do need 2 AA batteries for the remote the car itself is rechargeable and lasts for a very respectable 15-20 minutes. It’s really easy to use and flips, twists and turns and even does a 360g spin. Hours of fun for not just the kids!

remote control toy

Next up is ANTAPRICIS RC, this car has a phenomenal 50 minutes play time! It’s really well made, affordable and really fast. A smashing car for beginners and great on most terrains. Simple to charge and if you buy this as a gift just be warned not to test it first. why? Because you will want to keep it for yourself as it’s so much fun!

remote control toys

So now for something a bit different ANTAPRICIS Robot toy. This little chap will have the whole family entertained and wanting to have a go. It is really easy to program and control , it even dances and plays music! One thing I really liked was that it’s made with eco friendly non toxic ABS plastic so gets my vote for that. A good all rounder for all the family! Who doesn’t love the thought of a dinosaur Robot!

remote control toys

ANTAPRICIS large dinosaur robot is just fantastic and will take any child’s imagination on a sci-fi journey of adventure. It can walk and dance and the sound effects are just great. It’s really great and has a good battery life and is well made. When it lights up and comes to life you will not be disappointed and it has battle mode, this is just pure fun!

remote control toys

Last but definitely not least is ANTAPRICIS RC Robot dog. This is the sweetest thing and has so many functions, it even blinks! Take out of the box and it’s ready to go, and battery life is excellent. It has a sweet little face and does some really cute moves that will entertain everyone for hours. Hands off granny it mine!

remote control toys

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