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10th March 2019
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11th March 2019
[Ad – These items were gifted in return for a review. All Opinions are our own.]
This is Alyssa’s last few months before starting school in September. This of course will bring a lot of change, including a lot of restrictions on time and when we’re able to travel thanks to term time as well as the atrocious costs of holidays during peak times. Therefore, we are definitely making the most of the few months we have remaining and have a number of trips coming up. Now, anyone will know that when you travel with a young child, the amount of stuff you have to take for them, makes it look like you’re moving house. Then you have them in tow too and the nightmare begins. Trunki got in touch and asked if we’d like to review one of their amazing kids travel cases as well as the on the go back pack lunch box, water bottle and food pots. All of this will be incredibly handy for our trips this year, the first of which is in April, so we were delighted to be reviewing them.

For those not in the know, Trunki make the most gorgeous wheel along hard cases for kids. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and are often made to look like animals too (yes there is a unicorn one!!) as well as some of the designs coming with stickers so kids can decorate them too. What’s even better, is that it can hold up to 50kg in weight, meaning that you can not only load your child’s toys in but they can ride on the top to rest their legs in busy airports! They can hold onto the horns to steer and parents can pull them along on the provided strap – genius! They are also hand luggage approved but do check the weight complies when your child is not on top of it!

As I said, there are all sorts of colours and designs with ears, tails, stickers and stripes and they come with this really cool little passport for the kids to fill in which Alyssa loved.

We were amazed by the amount of room inside and really pleased about the internal strap which can help keep in place any items you don’t want banging about – for us it would be the mini portable dvd player and kids tablet which we could also cushion with Mimmie of course and all her figurines. Alyssa took one look and started loading it up as she thought we were going on holiday there and then… now I just need to distract her for another month!

You can also custom design your own Trunki so that it looks EXACTLY the way you’d want it to look!

Trunk very kindly sent us pieces from their eat range and we received the pink lunch bag, snack pots and water bottle. Again, Alyssa was super excited because it’s all pink and something she can use on the go. We actually did load this up full of goodies and take it with us on a trip to the park and she was so excited to get out her little pots of food which were great at keeping some of the slightly wetter and messier foods contained.

The drinks bottle DID NOT leak which is the first thing I always look for and has a handy strap too. The lunch bag is lined meaning it will keep food fresh for longer like a cool bag AND has these handy straps on the back which allow little ones to wear their lunch bag like a backpack which was Alyssa’s favourite feature. Not only will this set be handy for our travels this year but also for school in September too!


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  1. Phil Bowell says:

    Our granddaughter would love a Trunki

  2. twirlywhirly says:

    Love the colours the grandchildren love the way you can sit on them & pack what they want ? the idea of extra accessories is a brill idea