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DoodleJamz – Sensory Play Toy Review

doodlejamz boards

*Ad-Gifted. All Opinions are my own.

Alyssa has always been a kid that liked to get messy – she likes the feel of things in her hands, from water and sand to slime and paint. Hands are always better than tools with her and anything that makes a mess is a win.

I have to admit, I am reluctant to get out anything that involves slimey components because she makes so much mess and it is me left clearing it up and in worst case scenarios, picking it out of my carpet once it has dried in. 

doodlejamz and alyssa

So the idea that a toy can be both sensory, squishy AND mess free has big appeal. Introducing… DoodleJamz!

They are the new sensory and mess-free drawing pads from Character Toys! Fantastic for creative kids and SEND kids. Adults will get hooked too – I may or may not have spent a while giving the smiley background hair and a beard! There are two types of boards to get- the Jellyboards and Jellypics.

doodlejamz boards

The mess-free drawing pads are filled with a safe and non-toxic gel (Jellyboards) or beads (Jellypics). They can be drawn into or moulded using the easy-to-use green tool included. Or use your fingers! Both work amazingly! Be as creative as you like – squish, draw, sculpt, shape, then the best thing – you can rub or mush it all out and start all over again!

Each comes in a plastic frame and comes with a removable background. The background can be removed and changed into any paper that will fit in the plastic frame so even your own pictures can be used in DoodleJamz. The DoodleJamz website has a resizer feature for any photo so it will always be the right size for the frame. 

Alyssa asked me to print a picture of us out so she can give us goopy hair and beady beards – shocker! The DoodleJamz were a huge hit with Alyssa and her bestie and would be a great gift for a kids birthday present too!

JellyBoards have the squishy feel of fidget toys but also allow kids to express their creativity. We think they are fantastic and at a bargain price!

Available to buy from Smyths Toys £4.99

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