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The Best Dresses for Different Body Types

*This is a collaborative post.

Finding a garment that fits you perfectly begins with knowing your body type. Style isn’t only about wearing the latest and greatest clothing; it’s about accentuating your body’s finest attributes. Your clothes will appear better if you slim down. Finally, we have put together an easy-to-follow checklist to help you buy for the perfect dress this season!

a woman wearing a white and floal maxi dress standing in the middle of a deserted mountain road pushing her brown hair out of her face

Types of Women Based on Their Physical Shape


Hourglass shaped women have a slim waist, full hips, and a full bust. This body type is characterized by a “balanced” upper torso in relation to the length of the legs. Also, hourglass bodies have a well-defined waist, and formal dresses can highlight this attribute.

Pear-shaped or triangle – midi and maxi dress

Triangular-shaped bodies are characterized by an upper body that is thinner and a lower body that is wider and more pronounced. Triangle body shapes should choose maxi dresses with greater volume in the top part in order to seem more balanced and proportional.

Maxi dresses with embellishment in the breast region are a good way to balance out a woman’s figure. Remember that if you choose a midi dress with a fitted hip area, you may need to go up a size and have it altered by a seamstress. When it comes to flare and fit dresses, you’ll look fantastic since they’re roomier from the waist down and provide volume to your petite upper body and slender waist.

a woman in fitness gear reaching over behind her head to grab her foot

Athletic type

If you’re athletically built, the hips are narrower than the shoulders on your silhouette. In addition to a lack of definition in the waist and wider shoulders, athletic physiques tend to be lean. It’s important to keep your upper body and lower body in harmony with this body type with maxi dresses. In other words, you’re aiming for a more hourglass-like appearance.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you have larger breasts, you’ll want to wear skirts with draping and ruching, halter tops, and shirts with thick straps. Make your physique seem more feminine by choosing an outfit with a tightened waist.

Round or apple type 

Women with apple body types tend to have a smaller waist and skinny legs since they tend to carry their weight in their midsections. The bottoms of apple body types are likewise more slender. Formal dresses look good on them.

Any white dress that accentuates your upper body is a terrific choice for you. Dresses with a belted waist, a drop-waist, a swing, or an empire waist all meet this requirement. Great choices for covering the stomach include dresses with deep skirts, a-line, wrap, and wrap-style dresses. As an apple body type, your legs are a big advantage, therefore don’t be afraid to wear shorter skirts!

Petite type

Petite ladies (those under 5’3″) with a slim frame are also given their own classification by certain fashion authorities. Wearing fitting dresses to highlight their thin body and dresses with a belt around the waist is recommended for these ladies. To seem taller, wear short skirts that show off your legs, and don’t be afraid to play with the length of the hemline. With a V-neckline, a slim-fitting white dress with pleating or vertical designs and a V-neckline will extend your body.

Why do you admire your clothes?

Take full advantage of this season’s fashion trends with this guide in hand, and you’ll look fantastic doing it! Having learned which dresses compliment your body type, discover more about the best dress styles for every woman and how to pick bridesmaid dresses that fit your friends’ body types.

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