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13th December 2018
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16th December 2018

Don’t Forget The Wildlife This Winter

During the summer we’re here there and everywhere and that can often involve feeding wildlife. We’re always buying seeds to feed the ducks or fending off seagulls from our chips on the beach but when it comes to Winter time, apart from passing by huddling farm animals in fields and interaction with our own pets, we don’t see or do too much to interact with any of the wildlife around us and I expect it’s the same for most people. This is actually a bit of a problem for the wildlife such as birds who often rely on us for scraps of food to get through the winter, especially during the frost when the ground is hard and frozen… So, how can we help?

I know we can’t help every animal but living out in the sticks and with so much wildlife around me, I do feel like I need to do something. Trago, The South West’s Leading Discount store, which if you live in around where I live you love popping into, created a great infographic on what you can do to help some of our winged friends.

So what we are going to be doing is putting out some food in different places to help the birds, we’ve put out some nuts for the squirrels as well. We also tend to get ALOT of hedgehogs as well, so we have put out a little space which is actually a hedgehog hotel where they can curl up nice and warm. Of course, nothing beats what my nan always used to do and instilled in me…after you have made toast or a sandwich, pop outside and shake your bread board because those little wildlife creatures will enjoy the crumbs too! It doesn’t have to cost a lot and I’m even going to make a couple of little homemade bird and squirrel feeders with Alyssa so she can help too!

How are you helping this Winter?

*This is a collaborative post

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