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I have always loved Disney. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t in all honesty. It’s the stories, it’s the songs and of course the happily ever afters. Poor Mr. Tutu, I felt quite sorry for him in the beginning really because he had a lot to live up to what with Prince Charming, Prince Eric, Flynn Rider and all the other Disney men. The boy did good though and has helped me to discover my own happily ever after. I have never been to Disney Land or Disney World, the closest I have come is the Disney Store. However, when I was asked if we would like to go and review Disney on Ice at Exeter, I am pretty sure I shed a tear. We kept it a secret from Alyssa and didn’t tell her until the day and then her face lit up as much as mine and Mr Tutu,  Alyssa and I hopped in the car and made our way to watch Disney on Ice 2019.

As well as telling you all about the show, I am going to try and include some tips in case you are thinking of going. We arrived an hour before hand which we were worried would be too early… it wasn’t. The car park is huge (this is Exeter obviously) there are queues to get in and once in, you do also need to go through security which involves having any bags searched for weapons etc.

DON’T FORGET PARKING. If you don’t pre-book your parking, you need to pay for it on arrival which is £10 CASH ONLY and luckily we had enough on us but were unaware of this before hand. It does also say you are not allowed to take food and drink in with you, but I am not sure how strict this was as we didn’t have any.

We collected our tickets from the Box Office and made our way through into the arena area. There are lots of people around to tell you where to go, not always correctly and you really want to hold onto your children as it is SO BUSY! We found our seats no problem – if you are a tall person, my suggestion is you try and book and aisle seat to swing your legs out into as Mr Tutu was uncomfortable for the 2.5 hour show with his legs hunched up.

Food and Drink… it is EXPENSIVE. It’s £10 for a bag of popcorn or candy floss. We did buy the £10 character cup for Alyssa which came with a rainbow slush puppy and has unlimited refills which is worth it when they want loads to drink or spill something over. The flashing wands etc are insanely priced, starting at £15 and going up to around £25 as well as other merchandise. It is what it is, they’re going to charge more at an actual event like this. However, you must remember to TAKE CASH! We didn’t and there were two ATM machines and both broke. Luckily, we found one vendor who took card payments so we did treat Alyssa, but just take cash and be prepared to queue.

All we needed to do then was sit and wait for the show to begin. I took pictures and video footage throughout so you were able to get a feel of the show. The little voice you can hear singing is Alyssa…


The whole experience was literally magical.  They all interact with you and wave and Alyssa turned to me and said “Mummy you were right. They are real.” The pure joy and excitement she experience was just out of this world and I think mine was on par with hers too. Even Mr Tutu had a big grin on his face, though he is a Disney fan too.

If you’re thinking about going to see Disney on Ice, my advice is to JUST DO IT. Be prepared for the prices on the day and make sure you leave plenty of time to get in. Also, the queues out are ridiculous so make sure you take something to amuse the kids in the car. Absolutely incredible experience. You can find out the tour schedule and book tickets on the Disney On Ice website.

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