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Common Mistakes on Your First Website

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Although websites have come a long way since they first became a thing, some of the most basic mistakes always seem to cross over to the present day.
When you choose to construct your own website utilising free online platforms you can get so wrapped up in it that glaring problems can be left unattended to which in turn leaves this ugly black spot hanging over your business identity.
A bit of time focused on them will save the embarrassment going forward.

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Unstructured Content

Writing your content to show what you do is like telling a story.

However, if your story is all over the place then the point is going straight over the heads of those reading it. Your business is supposed to be the answer, not the puzzle. So much like the story arcs of beginning, middle and end you need to structure your website into 3 core areas of focus.

  1. Who you are.
  2. What you offer.
  3. Why you are the company to use for it.

By structuring your business around these 3 key areas you can figure out what to write and where to put it. This gives you easy communication to prospective clients or customers visiting your website.

Stock Images

It’s recommended that you should try everything to steer away from stock images. The reason being is because everyone uses them and they don’t service your business as much as personalised content would.

Take a bit of pride in your business and showcase yourself and your staff, giving the people who visit a sense of personal identity. People like to know they can talk to people, so let them know that they are not dealing with a switchboard when they call and have access to the people they see.

It helps to build relationships with your clients.

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Wrong Fit for Web Host

This area you really have to review to ensure you are getting the very best.

A cheap package for web hosting could cause problems with security, page speed and especially support for your page. This is going to cause investing in more at a certain point to correct these areas.

By paying a little extra you will get the most secure, speedy and responsive service for the money you pay out each month. With the amount of hacks, glitches and downtime that a website faces, paying more for peace of mind is a worthy investment.

No One Knows

You are going to have to market yourself on social media to really get a foothold or make an impact.

Social media makes upwards of 70% of generated revenue within new business and platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin are a cheap workforce of sales people. Building a business page and promoting engaging links to products or services, testimonials and success stories speak volumes and direct the required amount of traffic to your website.

At the same time you can invest in search engine optimization (SEO) that can catapult your business in search rankings. Although they will not have you head to head with the big boys in your industry, specific keywords can give you a presence high in searches.

Digital agencies such as Stockport website design specialists have been at the forefront of SEO and aided businesses in trading more effectively on the internet. As well as responsive web design, they have in house specialists to boost your business from full rebrands to development of apps to take your business to higher levels of productivity.

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Avoiding the common mistakes and spending a little time to focus on your web identity is all the more important for successfully making an imprint in 21st century business.

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