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Vinyl flooring which separates the best from the rest

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Finding a flooring which ticks all the boxes is a challenge, but one which can be overcome if you know where to go.
The vinyl flooring trend has taken off in recent years with a further growth in popularity during lockdown. There is an endless list of reasons for vinyl flooring becoming a household favourite and one that you should consider if you want to separate the best vinyl flooring from the rest.

Creating patterns

Geometric, Aztec, and monochrome can all be ways to make your flooring totally unique. Making a statement in any part of your home can not be decision which can be taken lightly, so it’s a good idea to research the best practices first.

To achieve these style’s, you need to adopt layering patterns such as herringbone, parquet, or the use of borders and alternating colours in during the design and installation processes.

Future forward material

The modern lifestyle is getting more and more chaotic by the year but choosing vinyl flooring can make for an easy way to take hours off your chore-time whilst keeping the style of your home modern and chic.

Using anti-slip and moisture technology vinyl flooring is at its maximum defense against mealtime accidents, rain and dirt from weather, and steam from showering and bathing.

Maximum strength

Carpet and laminate may seem appealing but in the long run they’re vulnerable to stains, loss of colour, and fraying edges.

The many layers that go into vinyl flooring, under the protective layers on top, ensure that your whether you’re having a party, family staying over, or your have pets, the vinyl flooring you choose is the vinyl flooring that will be around for years to come.

Who can give you the best flooring?

To find the best vinyl flooring you’re going to have start searching early, but it’s not impossible.

Amtico Spacia carries decades of experience in giving customers value for money, a great new look, and something that all the family will love. The Spacia range offers a fabulous collection of real wood styled flooring which doesn’t wear away like authentic wood flooring.

Luvanto Parquet and Herringbone collections are the most versatile flooring ranges to hit the market in some time. With outstanding manufacturing technique and uncanny replica’s to real stone and wood material, it’s difficult not to see the all-round benefits of Luvanto.

Invictus is a brand which truly knows how to make any room feel luxurious and classy. With optional border tiles and planks you can give your bathroom a Victorian feel or make your hallway or living room into a period-piece palace.

There are so many options but you should make sure you have explored a handful before you make your final decision, so you get the best vinyl flooring the market has to offer.


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