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I’m A Blogging Success Because… Series Week #8
30th October 2016
Christmas Gift Guide: Boys & Girls!
1st November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: His & Hers!

Halloween is officially over which can only mean one thing…. that’s right my absolute favourite holiday of the year is INCOMING!! I don’t know about you but I absolutely adore Christmas and am a total kid… especially once I have seen the Coca-Cola advert because come on that is Christmas isn’t it?! Anyway, I have already done a lot of my Christmas shopping – I have a lot of people to buy for as we have a huge family gathering so I buy in dribs and drabs so there isn’t a mass expense all at once and I also like to take advantage of Autumn sales too. 2016 will be my second Christmas blogging, though my first as a freelance blogger and so as is customary in the blogging world (which I didn’t know in my naieve first weeks of tapping away) it is customary to pop together a little Christmas Gift guide… ideas and suggestions of what to get people. I actually think I am quite good at finding what people will want for Christmas and really adore watching people open what I have got them and watching the look on their faces. So, here (to hopefully help) is my little guide of what to give him or her (if there’s something you fancy don’t forget to tag your other half as a hint!!) this holiday…




Midnight blue drop shaped stone in an oxidised bronze wire wrapped settingKerrie Davis Jewellery

I think jewellery is such a personal gift and takes a lot of thought and there is no denying I am a huge fan of the amazing thought and emotion in each one of the pieces of jewellery for this amazing new designer. Kerrie handcrafts each piece in her studio at home and makes everything from pendants to rings, from dreadlock cuffs to bracelets to chokers and more. She takes inspiration from thinks like elf andfairy folklore and steam punk too. Not only that but she also does custom designed pieces; tell her what you want and what budget your working with and she’ll whip you up the design of your dreams, for you or the one you love!

Visit the Kerrie Davis Jewellery Shop and find some absolutely gorgeous and unique gifts this Christmas!

Psssstt!!! Guess what… enter “xmas16” at the till to get an exclusive Mummy in a Tutu discount!

red wool jumper

House of Fraser – Men’s Knitwear

Now I don’t know about you but I love nothing more than hunkering down in my woolies in the winter – big cosy cardis and knitted jumpers, not to mention my hats, scarves and gloves… definitely one of the best things about Autumn and Winter.  Even better is cosying up to someone who’s also in snuggly clothing – now you know I don’t have someone to share Christmas with (dating – seriously?!?) however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to treat the men that are in my life. My step-dad and Alyssa’s dad both need pressies, so I think I shall definitely be heading over to House of Fraser and taking a look at some of the gorgeous knitwear they have available this season. They have loads of different choices over there and I think it will make a really lovely gift – plus if Alyssa gives her daddy a nice cosy jumper then they can enjoy a snuggle together can’t they?!

If you fancy getting the men in your life “knitted” out then head over to House of Fraser Online and grab some great gifts… and maybe check out something for yourself too!

personalised book infront of a handbag

Personalised Ladybird Books by Ladybird

Now, I am sure that each of us must have had a ladybird book when we were little – full of magical, wonderful stories that really captured our imaginations. Well…. Ladybird are back and this time it’s one for the grown-ups!

Featuring original Ladybird artwork alongside brilliantly funny, brand new text these cheeky books show the inner workings of men and women. With the names of a couple embedded into the illustrations and text, “The Wife” will love it! You can grab so many different titles – “The Husband” “The Hangover” “The Mid-life Crisis” and many many more and each one is hilariously funny and a great personalised gift for men and women. I have grabbed a couple and grouped them together in sets of three to give to members of my family this year and I know that I won’t be hearing from them for a little while except for little chortles that will be coming out from between the pages.

I found these awesome books over on The Gift Experience, which is an all singing, all dancing gift website which has everything from wooden toys for kids to adventure and spa days for adults – definitely going to be one of my main stops this Christmas to make sure I get something for everyone!

Why not go and visit The Gift Experience Shop and find great gifts for all the family this Christmas!

Tea Routedownload-10

With a choice of over 80 beautifully aromatic whole leaf teas inspired by the Mediterranean and top quality single origin teas from Asia, tearoute introduces shoppers to an extensive list of flavoured teas, wellness teas and true origin white, green and black teas.  This online store is a one-stop shopping hub for those seeking tea blends with natural ingredients including essential oils, dried fruits, flower blossoms and spices.

I know you are thinking this might seem like a really strange gift – but this tea is amazing!! Not only can you search on Tea Route by flavour and mix but also how you want the tea to make you fee; – a pick me up, calming, happy and all sorts more…. you can also create a Cranberry Tea Cosmopolitan Cocktail too! Now, that’s my kind of tea!

I have several big tea fans in the family – from normal builders tea to me who loves the exotic fruit teas or a calming chamomile! So, I am definitely going to grab myself a few mixes and put together some gorgeous gift baskets for a few people for Christmas with a lovely tea cup and saucer!

If you’d like to do the same as me and create a unique, emotionally stimulating present then visit The Tea Route Shop and pick out some great gift blends!

heart necklace on a rockHand on Heart Jewellery – Keepsake Mementos

Hand on Heart Jewellery are creators and designers of stunning, handprint jewellery & gifts. Our beautiful creations are all handcrafted using your loved ones’ true hand, foot or pawprints. Our unique online ordering system and special print kits make it easy for anyone to order our personalised jewellery, take prints and create a keepsake to treasure for life.

Ordering is easy, simply browse our products, add to basket and pay. Once we receive your order, a printing kit will be dispatched so you can take the prints easily and mess free. The choice of handprint jewellery, charms and personalised gifts are perfect for any mother, proud father or grandparent. Choose from personalised cufflinks, necklaces, fingerprint jewellery, footprint jewellery, Pandora style charms & more. Mad about your pet? Our pet paw print jewellery and dog nose impressions make a unique gift and keepsake.

Why not head over to the Hand on Heart Jewellery Shop and get a memento for your loved one this Christmas


Blossoming Gifts

Sometimes you just can’t beat going back to the classic gifts can you – but it still has to be something special. We have sooooo many chocoholics in our family so this Chocolicious Hamper would be absolutely perfect!! It features all sorts of amazing varieties from honeycomb to nuts to fudge… yum! However, the amazing people over at Blossoming Gifts don’t just do chocolate hampers (what more could you need I know!!) they also have a huge variety of other sweet hampers, flowers, plants, personalised gifts, wine and more… literally everything to make that gift extra special.

I got to take a look at the Chocolicious Hamper and it was beautifully packaged in a proper hamper box as pictured, surrounded by a black straw with each item nestled inside! This or any of the other gifts would be great for anyone… maybe a combined couple gift too!

Why not go and visit The Blossoming Gifts Shop and see the goodies for yourself and if you get flowers then enter this code BGIFTS33 to receive 33% off – this doesn’t include “flowers by post!”

Koala onesie

Zoohood Animal Onesies

To be honest with you when onesies first arrived on the scene a few years ago I was a bit skeptical myself and didn’t own one for quite some time. Then a friend of mine bought me a Minnie Mouse one for Christmas one year because she knew I loved Disney and I have never looked back and now own several!

ZooHood Animal Onesies does exactly what it says on the tin and has the most amazing array of animal onesies from Koala’s to Guinea Pigs to Bears and even…. wait for it…. A UNICORN!! Yes, I know – amazing!! That has gone to the top of my Christmas Wish List I can tell you.

They do Adult sizes as well as kids so if you want to be a warm snuggly Koala or a hibernating Bear this Christmas then I suggest you click on over to the Zoohood Animal Onesies Shop and grab yourself one of the coolest onesies around!


Sarah Taylor Art

Sarah literally stumbled across this style of working a couple of years ago when she tripped over Mr Bojangles (the studio cat) and launched a large teacup, full to the brim with fuchsia pink ink into the air. As luck would have it, the majority of the ink landed slap bang in the middle of a painting she was working on. Pink-Ink-Explosion-Chaos ensued.

I have been very fortunate to receive an original piece from Sarah Taylor Art – This stag in fact and it truly is a work of art. The random spatters and the colouring is amazing and a really unique way of painting animals. However, if you don’t fancy a picture of an animal, Sarah also does custom design pieces on request too. I am sure my wonderful nature loving grandmother will love this painting for sure!

If you fancy an original piece of art for someone this Christmas too, then take a look at Sarah Taylor Art Shop and take your pic!

Mummy in a Tutu is supporting Great Ormand Street Hospital this Christmas…


Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals with the broadest range of dedicated, children’s healthcare specialists under one roof in the UK. The hospital’s pioneering research and treatment gives hope to children from across the UK with the rarest, most complex and often life-threatening conditions. Our patients and families are central to everything we do – from the moment they come through the door and for as long as they need us.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity needs to raise money to support the hospital to give children who need help the most, the best chance for life. The charity funds research into pioneering new treatments for children, provides the most up to date medical equipment, funds support services for children and their families and supports the essential rebuilding and refurbishment of the hospital. You can help us to provide world class care for our patients and families.

To help support Great Ormond Street Hospital this Christmas, why not buy some of your gifts from their online store. Some of the available gifts are:

·        GOSH Elf – With its stripy stockings and cheeky smile, our new GOSH Elf is the perfect stocking filler this Christmas! (£6.50)

·        Create Your Own Solar System – Take your children on a trip into space this Christmas! Discover amazing facts about the solar system, play the board game and create impressive 3D wall art (£9.99)

·        My First Doctor Kit – Follow in the footsteps of our GOSH doctors with this plush play set (£19.95)

·        Peter Pan ladybird classic – This hardback edition is a perfectly illustrated introduction to the classic Neverland story for young readers aged five and over (£5.99)

·        All of our Christmas products are available to be purchased at shop.gosh.org where you can view our whole range.


presents with lights in

I always think… well what if Alyssa ever needed to use this amazing charity?! Do your bit and get some of your gifts this Christmas from the G.O.S.H Shop and help make a difference!

Check out my Christmas Gift Guide: Boys & Girls

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  1. I love the gift company and GOSH links and the chocolate hamper looks yummy! I also live the artwork… I think I’ve seen Sarah’s work elsewhere and they are beautiful!

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