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Capture the Details – 5 Tips for Photographing Your Baby

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While most of today’s parents are used to snapping photos on the fly, you may be surprised at just how many pictures you’ll take during your baby’s first year. After all, every day, week and month is a chance to capture the cutest looks, most adorable smiles and biggest milestones. Maybe you’re looking for the best ways to preserve your memories and let your little one’s personality stand out. These tips from experienced parents and photographers will help make your photo shoots look more polished and professional. Best of all, you’ll capture your baby’s beautiful, unique essence each time you pull out your camera or smartphone. 

baby asleep wearing a neebo monitor
  1. Take Advantage of Natural Light 

The first step in taking unforgettable photos of baby is to pay attention to your lighting. If the room or outdoor backdrop is too dim, your baby photos will look much too dark. At the same time, an unnatural flash from your camera or phone can create glare or harsh, bright light that drowns out baby’s body and facial features. 

Eliminate these challenges by taking your little one outdoors just after sunrise. You can also choose to venture out in the couple of hours before sunset. The photographers at Pixels + Wanderlust recommend this timing because of the presence of what is known as “civil twilight.” At this point, the sun is approximately six degrees below the horizon, which is an excellent angle for incorporating glowing, natural light into your photos. The civil twilight period is also a great time to take landscape photos of your child, since the warm colors of the sky are sure to enhance your child’s smile. 

a canon camera facing forward on a wooden table with light reflecting off of it
  1. Use Helpful Tools and Apps 

Today’s smartphones are designed to make amateur photos look more professional, all while making picture taking simpler and more convenient. For example, iPhone’s burst mode can help you capture cute pictures while baby moves around. Since it takes several photos at once, you’re sure to find a shot that you can send to loved ones or place on a holiday card. Many Android phones have similar features, so check your owner’s manual for details.  

There are a variety of photo editing and filter apps available in your phone’s app store. Add a vintage color layer for a dreamy and dramatic feel or crop each image so you can focus on your child’s stunning eyes, chunky feet or fresh new haircut. Since these tools allow you to make changes later, you won’t be so worried about getting the perfect shot. 

  1. Dress Baby Comfortably 

Baby will take better pictures when they’re able to move and play freely. Before you do your next photo shoot, purchase a couple of fun and comfortable baby and toddler outfit sets with tops, bottoms and accessories. When you feel inspired, you’ll have a few choices in matching pants, shirts and hats. Choose colors that complement your outdoor setting or find something that brings out your baby’s eyes or accents their gorgeous hair.  

Newborns and young infants will look adorable in a Onesie from Onesies® Brand bodysuits paired with leggings or pants. A cute hat with animal ears or colorful prints will really stand out in photos, no matter your backdrop. Older babies can wear a tunic and leggings or a shirt and pants. Cozy cotton combines style with function, so you’re happy with the pictures and your baby has fun playing with mom. 

a baby sat on a white towel naked looking at the camera with a yellow towel over its head and blue tiles behind it
  1. Photograph Frequently  

Snap pictures whenever you find inspiration. Take as many as you want in the same position or setting. Even if many of them are blurry or you delete most of them, you’re sure to find a few that capture your child’s expressions of wonder or delight. 

Not all of your photos need to be shareworthy. In fact, you may find that you save the quirkier shots for years to come. Even if you get busy, try and find time once a month to take pictures. Years down the road, you’ll be glad you documented your infant’s growth and progress. Some parents like to mark each month with a numbered sticker or a sign with the baby’s name, the date and their age. 

  1. Be Spontaneous 

Don’t worry about finding the perfect angle or the best site in town. Baby is all you need to create unforgettable photos. Take a few shots on your smartphone while they’re taking in the sights at the grocery store. Pull out your camera as your little one is eating breakfast or petting the dog. 

Even experienced photographers find that spontaneity can produce the best pictures. If you capture an award-winning smile or baby’s first steps but the photo doesn’t feel perfect, you can always use an editing tool later. Crop the photo, make the background brighter or add a filter that helps to make baby’s facial features stand out. 

Alyssa sat on the red frame of a slide in a big black and white outfit with balloons on smiling at the camera with railings grass and a car in the background

Photograph Baby’s Milestones and Memories 

As you become an experienced parent, you’ll learn and discover unique ways to make life simpler and more enjoyable. The same is true for photographing your baby. Your little one is naturally photogenic, so all you’ll need to do is add a few tools and tricks to your picture sessions. Choose a few techniques, such as playing with natural light or using a couple of different editing tools. Over time, you’re sure to find your own style and system. 

As you look back at the photos later, you’ll be surprised at how small your baby was and delighted at how precious they look. As your little one continues to grow, you’ll also be glad you paid attention to the little details. When you share memories with your child in the years to come, your collection of photos will show them just how much you love them while telling their unique story.  

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